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Licensing LEADTOOLS JavaScript

The process to supply a valid license has been updated in this latest version of the LEADTOOLS JavaScript class library. For updated information on the licensing mechanism, refer to RasterSupport.


JS File Namespace Comments
Leadtools.js lt Leadtools library is the foundation for the LEADTOOLS HTML5 SDK used with the document and medical imaging toolkits. The library allows the fundamental objects and functions necessary for ImageViewer and annotation support.
Leadtools.Annotations.Automation.js lt.Annotations.Automation Leadtools.Annotations.Automation provides classes for implementing automated mode annotations (with end-user interaction).
Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp.js lt.Annotations.BatesStamp Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp library contains classes, enumerations, interfaces, and objects supporting Bates stamp annotations.
Leadtools.Annotations.Designers.js lt.Annotations.Designers Leadtools.Annotations.Designers provides classes to fully customize the behavior of LEADTOOLS annotation objects during draw, edit, and run modes.
Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.js lt.Annotations.Engine Leadtools.Annotations.Engine provides core classes for LEADTOOLS annotation support, including annotation objects, interfaces for annotation renderers, and helper classes.
Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering.js lt.Annotations.Rendering Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering provides classes that allow end-users to control the rendering and display of annotation objects.
Leadtools.ContentManager.js lt.ContentManager Leadtools.ContentManager supports routing data feeds to the appropriate locations based on their content type.
Leadtools.Controls.js lt.Controls Leadtools.Controls provides interactive, cross-platform HTML image viewer control that is multi-touch gesture enabled and capable of image manipulation.
Leadtools.Controls.Medical.js lt.Controls.Medical Leadtools.Controls.Medical provides objects and functions to create zero-footprint, platform-independent web applications for displaying DICOM images from any PACS.
Leadtools.Document.js lt.Document Leadtools.Document provides tools for creating, reading, and writing annotations, raster and SVG images, thumbnails, text data, metadata, and bookmarks from any type of document file.
Leadtools.Document.Viewer.js lt.Document.Viewer Leadtools.Document.Viewer supports applications that can view, edit, and modify any type of document on the desktop or web.
Leadtools.LEADVIEW.js lt.LEADVIEW Leadtools.LEADVIEW offers a fully customizable abstraction of the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK
Leadtools.Multimedia.js lt.Multimedia Leadtools.Multimedia supports converting, uploading, and embedding video resources into a viewer.

Sample Applications and Services

Directory Description
<INSTALLDIR>\Examples\<technology>\JS Contains sample applications and services.


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