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CellType Property

Gets or sets the type of the cell.
public OcrZoneType CellType { get; set; } 
@property (nonatomic, assign) LTOcrZoneType cellType; 
public OcrZoneType getCellType() 
public void setCellType(OcrZoneType value) 
property OcrZoneType CellType { 
   OcrZoneType get(); 
   void set (    OcrZoneType ); 
CellType # get and set (OcrZoneCell) 

Property Value

An OcrZoneType enumeration member that specifies the type of the cell. Default value is OcrZoneType.Text.


To get a list of cell types supported by this IOcrEngine, use IOcrTableZoneManager.GetSupportedCellTypes.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.Forms.Common; 
using Leadtools.Ocr; 
using Leadtools.Drawing; 
private static void IOcrTableZoneManageExample(IOcrEngine ocrEngine, string documentFileName) 
   // Create a document and add the page to it 
   using (IOcrPage ocrPage = ocrEngine.CreatePage(ocrEngine.RasterCodecsInstance.Load(documentFileName, 1), OcrImageSharingMode.AutoDispose)) 
      // The coordinate for the table has been previously determined: 
      LeadRect tableBounds = new LeadRect(266, 554, 404, 647); 
      // Add a table zone with these bounds 
      OcrZone zone = new OcrZone(); 
      zone.ZoneType = OcrZoneType.Table; 
      zone.Bounds = tableBounds; 
      if (ocrPage.TableZoneManager != null) 
         // Detect the cells inside this table 
         IOcrTableZoneManager ocrTableZoneManager = ocrPage.TableZoneManager; 
      // Show the cells for this zone (if any) 
      zone = ocrPage.Zones[0]; 
      Console.WriteLine("Detected values:"); 
      ShowCells(ocrPage, zone); 
      // Change the style of the first cell to have no borders 
      OcrZoneCell[] cells = ocrPage.Zones.GetZoneCells(zone); 
      if (cells != null && cells.Length > 0) 
         OcrZoneCell cell = cells[0]; 
         cell.LeftBorderStyle = OcrCellBorderLineStyle.None; 
         cell.TopBorderStyle = OcrCellBorderLineStyle.None; 
         cell.RightBorderStyle = OcrCellBorderLineStyle.None; 
         cell.BottomBorderStyle = OcrCellBorderLineStyle.None; 
         cells[0] = cell; 
      ocrPage.Zones.SetZoneCells(zone, cells); 
      Console.WriteLine("Updated values:"); 
      ShowCells(ocrPage, zone); 
private static void ShowCells(IOcrPage ocrPage, OcrZone zone) 
   OcrZoneCell[] cells = ocrPage.Zones.GetZoneCells(zone); 
   if (cells != null) 
      Console.WriteLine("Table contains {0} zones", cells.Length); 
      for (int i = 0; i < cells.Length; i++) 
         Console.WriteLine("  Cell {0}:", i); 
         OcrZoneCell cell = cells[i]; 
         Console.WriteLine("    Type: {0}", cell.CellType); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Bounds: {0}", cell.Bounds); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Background color: {0}", cell.BackgroundColor); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Left border color: {0}", cell.LeftBorderColor); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Left border width: {0}", cell.LeftBorderWidth); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Left border style: {0}", cell.LeftBorderStyle); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Top border color: {0}", cell.TopBorderColor); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Top border width: {0}", cell.TopBorderWidth); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Top border style: {0}", cell.TopBorderStyle); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Right border color: {0}", cell.RightBorderColor); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Right border width: {0}", cell.RightBorderWidth); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Right border style: {0}", cell.RightBorderStyle); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Bottom border color: {0}", cell.BottomBorderColor); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Bottom border width: {0}", cell.BottomBorderWidth); 
         Console.WriteLine("    Bottom border style: {0}", cell.BottomBorderStyle); 

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