AnnTextReviewObject Object


Base class for annotation text review objects.

function lt.Annotations.Engine.AnnTextReviewObject 
	extends lt.Annotations.Engine.AnnObject 
	implements IAnnObjectCloneable 
class lt.Annotations.Engine.AnnTextReviewObject() 
	extends AnnObject 
	implements IAnnObjectCloneable 

The AnnTextReviewObject is the base class for the text review objects supported by LEADTOOLS. The AnnTextReviewObject uses Points to define a set of rectangles. Each pair of points is a rectangle that is defined with the first point as the top-left corner and the second point as the bottom-right corner of the rectangle. If the Points collection has 4 points, the object has 2 rectangles.

Each rectangle defines a text item - usually the selected in a page of text. This could be a character, a word or a line. The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer uses the text parsed from documents to form the rectangles when the user uses the mouse to select text on the page.

The IAnnObjectRenderer of each object type will use the rectangles to render the object. For example, the renderer for the AnnTextHiliteObject will use Fill to fill each rectangle with a brush or the AnnTextStrikeoutObject drawing lines in the middle of each rectangle. All the renderers use Fill to render the object; stroke and font are not supported.

This object type overrides CanTranslate, CanScale and CanRotate to return false since text review objects are designed not to be moved, scaled or rotated once they are added to the container (since the selected text of a page does not move).

This object supports using the SelectionStroke and by default when the value of IsSelected is true, it will use the stroke to draw a rectangle around each rectangle instead of using a selection thumb.

The GetRectangles can be used to return the rectangles defined by the points.

To create the rectangles, the Points array can be modified directly, or the AddRectangle method can be used to add the two points to the array directly. SetRectangles can be used to replace all of the points directly.

Programmatically, the boundaries and rectangles of the text review object can be controlled using the following properties: The AnnTextReviewObject class inherits a number of properties from the AnnObject class, providing support for font, stroke and fill characteristics. These properties are listed below: The name of the text review object can be controlled using Labels property, inherited from the AnnObject class. An object can be part of a group annotation object or part of a container object. It cannot be part of both a group and a container at the same time. The following properties can also be used to programmatically set characteristics of an AnnTextReviewObject:


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