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Overview and description of Leadtools Annotations Engine classes, delegates, enumerations, and interfaces.


Class Description
Class AnnArrowLineEnding Defines an AnnArrowLineEnding style.
Class AnnAudioObject Defines an audio object.
Class AnnBrush Defines abstract objects used to fill an annotation object. Classes that derive from AnnBrush describe how the area is filled.
Class AnnButtLineEnding Defines an AnnButtLineEnding style.
Class AnnCodecs Provides support for loading and saving objects to annotation files.
Class AnnCodecsInfo Represents Annotation file information.
Class AnnContainer Represents an annotation container.
Class AnnContainerCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnContainers and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnContainerMapper Provides methods for converting values between display, annotations and image coordinates.
Class AnnCrossProductObject Defines an annotation cross-product object.
Class AnnCurveObject Defines an annotation curve object.
Class AnnDataProvider Provider for annotations image data.
Class AnnDeserializeOptions Options to use when loading annotation objects.
Class AnnDiamondLineEnding Defines an AnnDiamondLineEnding.
Class AnnDrawDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Draw event.
Class AnnEditContentEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.EditContent event.
Class AnnEditDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Edit event.
Class AnnEditTextEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.EditText event.
Class AnnEllipseObject Defines an annotation ellipse object.
Class AnnEncryptObject Defines an annotation encrypt object.
Class AnnFont Defines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes used to draw annotation strings.
Class AnnFreehandHotspotObject Defines an annotation freehand hot spot object.
Class AnnGradientBrush Describes a brush with a gradient, composed of gradient stops.
Class AnnGradientStop Describes the location and color of a transition point in a gradient.
Class AnnGradientStopCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnGradientStops and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnGroupObject Provides support for creating and managing annotation group objects.
Class AnnGroupsRoles Provides support for user roles in the annotations framework.
Class AnnHatchBrush Defines a brush with a hatch style, foreground color, and background color.
Class AnnHiliteObject Defines an annotation hilite object.
Class AnnHistory Tracks changes made to the annotations of a document.
Class AnnHistoryItem History of an Annotations item.
Class AnnHotspotObject Defines an annotation hot spot object.
Class AnnImageObject Defines an annotation image object.
Class AnnLabel The AnnLabel class is used to display the text elements of various LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
Class AnnLayer Defines an annotation layer for logically grouping common annotations objects.
Class AnnLayerCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnLayers and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnLinearGradientBrush Describes a brush with a linear gradient.
Class AnnLineEnding Defines the base class for all line ending styles.
Class AnnLoadPictureEventArgs Event data for the AnnRenderingEngine.LoadPicture event.
Class AnnLockObjectEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.LockObject event.
Class AnnMedia Defines a media (audio or video) source.
Class AnnMediaObject Defines a media (Audio or Video) object.
Class AnnNoteObject Defines an annotation note object.
Class AnnNotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnObjectCollection.CollectionChanged event.
Class AnnObject Defines the base class for all annotation objects.
Class AnnObjectCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnObjects and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnObjectCollectionEventArgs Provides data for the AnnContainer.ObjectAdded and AnnContainer.ObjectRemoved events.
Class AnnOperationInfoEventArgs Defines an annotation operation information including its type and the annotation object involved.
Class AnnPicture Defines an annotation picture.
Class AnnPointerEventArgs Provides data for the IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationDoubleClick, IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerDown, IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerMove, and IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerUp events.
Class AnnPointObject Defines an annotation point object.
Class AnnPolylineObject Defines an annotation polyline object.
Class AnnPolyRulerObject Defines an annotation polyruler object.
Class annPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnObject.PropertyChanged event.
Class AnnProtractorObject Defines an annotation protractor object.
Class AnnRectangleObject Defines an annotation rectangle object.
Class AnnRedactionObject Defines an annotation redaction object.
Class AnnRenderingEngine The abstract AnnRenderingEngine class defines a rendering engine for annotation objects.
Class AnnResources Contains default resources for various annotation objects.
Class AnnReview Represents an annotation review comment item.
Class AnnRoles List of roles used by the application.
Class AnnRoundLineEnding Defines an AnnRoundLineEnding style.
Class AnnRubberStampObject Defines an annotation stamp object.
Class AnnRunDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Run event.
Class AnnSelectionObject Defines an annotation select object.
Class AnnSerializeObjectEventArgs Represents the load and save options event data for annotation codecs.
Class AnnSerializeOptions Options to use when saving annotation objects.
Class AnnSlashLineEnding Defines an AnnSlashLineEnding style.
Class AnnSnapToGridOptions Options for annotation snap to grid behavior in annotation automation design mode.
Class AnnSolidColorBrush Fills an annotation object with a solid color.
Class AnnSquareLineEnding Defines an AnnSquareLineEnding style.
Class AnnStampObject Defines an annotation stamp object.
Class AnnStickyNoteObject Defines an annotation sticky note object.
Class AnnStroke Defines objects used to draw lines and curves for annotation objects.
Class AnnTextHiliteObject Defines an annotation hilite text review object.
Class AnnTextObject Provides support for creating and managing text annotation objects.
Class AnnTextPointerObject Defines an annotation stamp object text pointer object.
Class AnnTextRedactionObject Defines an annotation redaction text review object.
Class AnnTextReviewObject Base class for annotation text review objects.
Class AnnTextRollupObject Defines an annotation text rollup object.
Class AnnTextStrikeoutObject Defines an annotation strikeout text review object.
Class AnnTextUnderlineObject Defines an annotation underline text review object.
Class AnnThickness Represents the thickness of various properties in the annotation framework.
Class AnnToolTipEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.ToolTip event.
Class AnnTransformer Provides functionality for scaling, translating, and rotating annotation points and rectangles.
Class AnnUnitConverter Defines a helper class for unit conversions and abbreviations.
Class LeadPointCollection Represents an ordered collection of LeadPointD.


Delegate Description
Delegate AnnAutomationControlGetContainersCallback Callback that is used to obtain the collection of annotation containers used by the automation.
Delegate AnnCheckModifierCallback Callback used to check if specific key is down in this platform.


Interface Description
Interface IAnnAutomationControl Supports user controls with the LEADTOOLS Annotation Automation.
Interface IAnnLabelRenderer Defines an interface with methods for rendering an AnnLabel object.
Interface IAnnObjectCloneable Defines an interface with methods for cloning an AnnObject.
Interface IAnnObjectRenderer Defines an interface with methods for rendering an AnnObject.
Interface IAnnThumbStyle Defines an interface with properties and methods for representing thumbs (control points) for an AnnObject.


Enumeration Description
Enumeration AnnAngularUnit Represents the unit of measurement to be used for angles.
Enumeration AnnBorderStyle Options for controlling the shape of the AnnObject's boundary.
Enumeration AnnDesignerOperationStatus Indicates the status of the current AnnDesigner object.
Enumeration AnnEditDesignerOperation Indicates the current AnnEditDesigner operation.
Enumeration AnnFillRule Specifies how the intersecting areas of objects contained in a polygon are combined to form the total area.
Enumeration AnnFixedStateOperations Options for controlling the fixed state of an annotation object
Enumeration AnnFontStretch Defines the degree to which a font form is stretched from its normal aspect ratio.
Enumeration AnnFontStyle Defines the style of an AnnFont.
Enumeration AnnFontWeight Refers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.
Enumeration AnnFormat Represents supported annotation file formats.
Enumeration AnnHatchStyle Enumeration listing the different patterns available for AnnHatchBrush.
Enumeration AnnHistoryItemState Enumeration values that specify the change state of the Annotation history.
Enumeration AnnHitTestBehavior Indicates the hit-test behavior.
Enumeration AnnHorizontalAlignment Indicates how text should be displayed on the horizontal axis.
Enumeration AnnKeys Indicates a key code.
Enumeration AnnLabelPositionMode Indicates how the label is positioned relative to its parent.
Enumeration AnnLabelRestriction Indicates the restriction mode of AnnLabel objects.
Enumeration AnnLinearGradientMode Specifies the direction of a linear gradient.
Enumeration AnnMouseButton Indicates a mouse button.
Enumeration AnnNotifyCollectionChangedAction Describes the action that caused the event to occur.
Enumeration AnnOperationType Specifies an annotation operation type.
Enumeration AnnPointerPosition Controls the position of the arrow head for the AnnPolyline Object.
Enumeration AnnRenderState Indicates different state of an AnnObject that can be rendered.
Enumeration AnnResizeContainerFlags Flags for the AnnContainer.Resize method.
Enumeration AnnResizeMode Determines how to resize the container in the new dimension values.
Enumeration AnnRubberStampType Represents the types of rubber stamps available for the AnnRubberStampObject annotation object.
Enumeration AnnSizeMode Specifies how to render a picture inside the destination bounding rectangle.
Enumeration AnnStrokeAlignment Specifies the alignment of the stroke width.
Enumeration AnnStrokeLineCap Indicates the cap style for ending a line.
Enumeration AnnStrokeLineJoin Indicates how to join two lines in a path.
Enumeration AnnTextDecorations Controls options for the AnnFont used by various LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
Enumeration AnnTextRotate Indicates how much the text is to be rotated and in which direction.
Enumeration AnnTransparentMode Specifies how to treat the transparent color of an AnnPicture.
Enumeration AnnUnit Represents the unit of measurement for lengths and positions.
Enumeration AnnUserMode Specifies the user mode for all objects in this container. Design mode is for creating objects; run mode is for viewing them.
Enumeration AnnVerticalAlignment Indicates how text should be displayed on the vertical axis.
Enumeration PropertyChangedStatus Provides data for the property changed status.

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