AnnotationsInteractiveMode Object


Provides support for using the mouse or touch to handle the annotations objects in automation mode.

function lt.Document.Viewer.AnnotationsInteractiveMode 
	extends lt.Controls.ImageViewerInteractiveMode 
class lt.Document.Viewer.AnnotationsInteractiveMode() 
	extends ImageViewerInteractiveMode 

The annotations container for each page are stored in the DocumentPage object in the current LEADDocument and can be obtained using the DocumentAnnotations.GetAnnotations method.

When this DocumentViewer is created with the UseAnnotations set to true, An instance of AnnotationsInteractiveMode is initialized and added to the InteractiveModes list of the ImageViewer of the View.

The DocumentViewer will create an internal instance of an object that implements IAnnAutomationControl for handling the automation of the annotations containers for ImageViewer and set it in the AutomationControl property.

At any time, the mode uses hit testing to check whether the mouse or touch event is on an annotation object in design mode, if so, it will set the IsHandled value to true. This allows this mode to work in cooperation with the other interactive modes currently in the view ImageViewer and is only activated when the user hovers over or clicks an annotation object.

Therefore, when annotation support is enabled, this mode is added by the DocumentViewer automatically upon creation. It is always enabled and the user does not have to switch it off for normal operations if annotations support is required. If this support is not needed, then this move can be either disabled (IsEnabled) or removed completely from the InteractiveModes list of ImageViewer.

The mode uses both left and right mouse buttons on operation by default. The mouse button (or touch events) is used to draw new annotations objects or move and resize existing ones. The right click uses hit-testing to invoke the AnnotationsProperties command.


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