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The following tables list the members exposed by PrintDocumentOptions.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor static  | Shared in VB PrintDocumentOptions Initializes a new instance of PrintDocumentOptions.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method clone Clones the PrintDocumentOptions instance.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property annotationsRendererCreated The user callback to invoke when document print has created the annotation rendering engine to use.
Public Property autoDispose Indicates whether to automatically dispose the internal data for this print operation the next time DocumentViewer.Print is called.
Public Property autoOpenBrowserPrint Indicates whether to open the browser’s print dialog after DocumentViewer.Print has completed.
Public Property clientRenderSizePixels Size to use for printing images that are rendered from the client, in pixels.
Public Property dPI The virtual DPI (dots per inch) of printed pages.
Public Property imageLoaderImagesHolder The HTMLElement to use for temporary image loading, when necessary.
Public Property orientation The orientation value for the pages.
Public Property pageSize The destination page size, in document units.
Public Property pagesList List of page indices to be printed.
Public Property parent The element in the DOM to which the composed print elements will be appended.
Public Property pdfPrintAsRaster Indicates whether the PDF should always be printed as raster.
Public Property removeMargins Indicates whether to try printing without page margins.
Public Property rotateToOrientation Rotates the page to the selected orientation.
Public Property showAnnotations Indicates whether to print the annotations of each page.
Public Property title Title for the page for use in headers or a Save-to-PDF function.
Public Property usePDFClientRendering Indicates whether to use PDF Client Rendering for the printing of pages.
Public Property usePdfPrinting Indicates whether PDF printing should be used.
Public Property useViewportLayout Indicates whether each page should map to a separate printed page.
Public Property viewportClip Indicates that only parts of the document in the given viewport rectangle should be rendered for printing.

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