MJPEG 2000 Video Codec SDK Libraries

LEAD's MJPEG 2000 video DirectShow and Media Foundation codecs compress and decompress video data using the JPEG 2000 standard. MJPEG 2000 does not use interframe compression, making it a superb format for .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ developers to choose for video editing, interoperability, and achieving high compression ratios for lossless encoding.

Feature-rich MJPEG 2000 Video Codec SDK

MJPEG 2000 Video Codec Libraries

The LEAD MJ2K codec can encode and decode video data using the JPEG 2000 compression standard. JPEG 2000 encoding is the official successor to the popular JPEG image compression format. The JPEG 2000 standard is more complex and has more functionality than JPEG. The key advantage of Motion JPEG 2000 over Motion JPEG is it can offer high quality, better compression, and a very wide range of compression ratios that cannot be reached by Motion JPEG. JPEG 2000 also supports lossless compression.

  • Full support to encode and decode JPEG 2000-compressed video data
  • MJPEG 2000 offers higher compression efficiency with less visual loss especially at extreme compression ratios than MJPEG
  • Optimized for multi-core processors and supports encoding and decoding more than 30 fps of HD video in real time
  • Single codestream that offers both lossy and superior lossless compression
  • Flexible bit-error correction provides high-quality playback within noisy network transmission environments
  • Supports 16-bit grayscale video
  • Popular compression format for MXF and high-resolution video situations
  • .NET (C# & VB) and C DLL libraries for 32 and 64-bit development
MJPEG 2000 description

What is MJPEG 2000?

MJPEG 2000 or MJ2K is a video adaptation of the JPEG 2000 standard for still photos. It treats a video stream as a series of still photos, compressing each individually, with no interframe compression. Because it uses no interframe compression, it is ideal for editing. The JPEG 2000 standard is the official successor to JPEG and will eventually replace the older JPEG standard for high-quality image compression.

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LEADTOOLS handles the heavy lifting, eliminating months of R&D, while giving you the best quality and performance available. You'll be free to focus on other components of your application. Download the LEADTOOLS evaluation to streamline your development.

Cross platform libraries

MJPEG 2000 Video Codec SDK Platforms and Programming Interfaces

Operating Systems

Projects that use LEADTOOLS MJPEG 2000 Video Codec libraries can be deployed to Windows devices.


Developers that are leveraging these frameworks can utilize the MJPEG 2000 Video Codec SDK: .NET Framework, WinForms, and ASP.NET

Programming, Scripting, Markup

MJPEG 2000 Video Codec code snippets and demo applications are provided for the following: C#, VB, XAML, and C/C++

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