Inclusions of filters below indicate that a licensed version of the filter is included with the product. The Multimedia SDK includes at least an evaluation version of all filters that may be used to develop and test.

Available via add-on:
Not available:  
DirectShow: DirectShow
Media Foundation: Media Foundation
SDK Feature      
Multimedia Capture  
Multimedia Playback  
Multimedia Conversion  
Still Image Compression    
Multimedia Processing  
Play DVD    
Create DVD Image    
Burn DVD/ISO Image    
Pause Live Capture          
Rewind Live Capture          
Fast-forward Live Capture          
Pause Live UDP/TCP Stream          
Rewind Live UDP/TCP Stream          
Fast-forward Live UDP/TCP Stream          
Play RTSP Stream        
Video Conferencing  
Media Streaming Server  
Stream Live Video  
Stream Video Files  
KLV Data            
 Video Codecs      
LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder
LEAD MPEG-4 Decoder
LEAD H.264 Encoder  
LEAD H.264 Decoder
LEAD H.264 Transcoder  
LEAD H.265 Encoder
LEAD H.265 Decoder
LEAD H.265 Transcoder  
LEAD MPEG-2 Encoder        
LEAD MPEG-2 Decoder      
LEAD H.263 Encoder    
LEAD H.263 Decoder    
LEAD MCMW Encoder    
LEAD MCMW Decoder  
LEAD MJPEG 2000 Encoder    
LEAD MJPEG 2000 Decoder  
LEAD RLE Decoder    
LEAD Screen Capture Encoder    
LEAD Screen Capture Decoder    
LEAD Theora Encoder    
LEAD Theora Decoder    
LEAD VP8 Encoder    
LEAD VP8 Decoder    
 Audio Codecs      
LEAD AAC Encoder  
LEAD AAC Decoder
LEAD AAC Trancoder  
LEAD AC3 Encoder    
LEAD AMR Encoder    
LEAD AMR Decoder  
LEAD G.726 Encoder    
LEAD G.726 Decoder    
LEAD MPEG Audio Encoder          
LEAD Vorbis Encoder    
LEAD Vorbis Decoder    
LEAD DVD Writer    
LEAD DVD Burner    
LEAD DVD Control Object    
LEAD DVR Source  
LEAD RGB Converter    
LEAD Color Space Converter    
LEAD MPEG-1 Multiplexer    
LEAD MPEG-2 Multiplexer          
LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Multiplexer          
LEAD ISO Multiplexer  
LEAD Ogg Multiplexer    
LEAD Network Multiplexer  
LEAD SSF Writer  
LEAD MKV Multiplexer  
LEAD MXF Multiplexer    
LEAD FLV Multiplexer    
LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Demultiplexer        
LEAD MPEG-2 Program Demultiplexer        
LEAD ISO Demultiplexer
LEAD Ogg Demultiplexer  
LEAD Network Demultiplexer  
LEAD FLV Demultiplexer  
LEAD MKV Demultiplexer  
LEAD MXF Demultiplexer  
LEAD Windows Media Reader    
LEAD MPEG-2 Transport UDP Source          
LEAD Still Image Reader    
LEAD Screen Capture Source  
LEAD DICOM Reader          
LEAD Network Source  
LEAD Elementary Source    
LEAD MPEG-2 Transport UDP Sink    
LEAD Still Image Writer    
LEAD DICOM Writer          
LEAD Network Sink  
LEAD Elementary Stream Writer    
LEAD Network Protocol Manager  
LEAD Video Subpicture Mixer    
LEAD VUMeter    
LEAD Audio Echo    
LEAD Volume Control  
LEAD Audio Chorus    
LEAD Audio Flanger    
LEAD Audio Phaser    
LEAD Audio Detection    
LEAD Audio Callback    
LEAD Audio Mixer    
LEAD Audio SPDIF Passthru    
 Video Post Processing      
LEAD Video Auto Contrast    
LEAD Video Auto Intensity    
LEAD Video Auto Level    
LEAD Video Frame Rate Control    
LEAD Video Dynamic Rate Control    
LEAD Video Add    
LEAD Video Callback  
LEAD Video Color    
LEAD Video Color Replace    
LEAD Video Crop    
LEAD Video Deblocking    
LEAD Video Deinterlace  
LEAD Video Edge Enhance    
LEAD Video Emboss    
LEAD Video Gamma Correction    
LEAD Video Histogram Equalize    
LEAD Video Histogram View    
LEAD Video Mosaic    
LEAD Video Motion Detection    
LEAD Video Overlay    
LEAD Video Resize  
LEAD Video Rotation  
LEAD Video Stabilizer  
LEAD Video Text Overlay  
LEAD Video Unsharp Mask    
 Special Effects       
LEAD Video EFX Aging    
LEAD Video EFX Brightness    
LEAD Video EFX BumpMap    
LEAD Video EFX Dizzy    
LEAD Video EFX Fire    
LEAD Video EFX Ghost    
LEAD Video EFX Glass Tile    
LEAD Video EFX Hologram    
LEAD Video EFX Lens    
LEAD Video EFX Lightning    
LEAD Video EFX Maze    
LEAD Video EFX Motion Blur    
LEAD Video EFX Motion Emboss    
LEAD Video EFX Motion Mosaic    
LEAD Video EFX Motion Scan    
LEAD Video EFX Particles    
LEAD Video EFX Predator    
LEAD Video EFX Rain    
LEAD Video EFX Streak    
LEAD Video EFX Wave