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LEAD Video Overlay Filter (2.0)

The LEAD Video Overlay filter is a DirectShow transform filter that enables overlaying video and images on a video stream. The filter has two video inputs; the first one is the main; the second one is the secondary. The filter will not work if the first pin is not connected. If the second pin is connected, then the second video is active, or available. If the second pin is not connected, then there is no second video. In this case you may only have a bitmap overlay.

Each instance of the filter supports four layers: First video, Second video, Overlay image, and a solid background color. The four supported layers can be ordered as needed. Supported layers can be customized through a set of properties that include a mask image, transparency, and positioning.

The dimensions of the output stream are the maximum of the 2 input video streams. The overlay image layer does not contribute to the output dimensions. However, the output stream frame rate and duration are the same as those for the first video, at pin 0.

The filter exposes its functionality through both user and programming interfaces.

Programmatically overlaying one video on another video is not currently supported using our Multimedia SDK and can only be implemented using DirectShow directly.

You must unlock the LEAD Video Overlay Filter in order to use it. For more information, refer to Evaluation Mechanism Overview.

Component Description
Filter Interface(s) ILMVVOvLy, ILMMCommon
Interface ID IID_ILMVVOvLy
Input/Output Media Types Type
Property Page(s) CLSID CLSID_LMVVOvLyPropertyPage
Filter category CLSID_ltmmVideoProcessorCategory
Executable LMVVOvLy2.dll, DSKernel2.dll
Header ILMVVOvLy2.h


Win32, x64.

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