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The LEAD MMS Sink is a DirectShow filter for streaming data to a Windows Media Server over a TCP connection. The data is in the Windows Media format. You can use this filter to build your own convert or capture application to encode the Windows Media stream that can then be restreamed by a Windows Media Server.

The filter works in Push mode, so it will push the compressed data to the server and create the publishing point. The server needs to be configured to allow that by enabling the WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol. See the Using the LEAD MMS Sink Filter topic for more details on streaming Windows Media data.

The filter is designed to be used with the LEAD WMV Multiplexers (use one of the following values as target formats).

For API:

For .NET:

This filter supports the standard IFileSinkFilter interface. Use the IFileSinkFilter::SetFileName method to let the LEAD MMS Sink filter know where the server's address and which port to use (the default is 80). Please see the Microsoft documentation for this interface for more information.

Technical details for the filter are provided in the following table:

Component Description
Filter Interfaces IFileSinkFilter
Interface ID IID_IFileSinkFilter
Input Media Types Type:
Or the media type passed to IFileSinkFilter::SetFileName.
Output Media Types N/A
Filter CLSID CLSID_LMMMSSnk{762EF4FC-8EC1-4974-AC34-0A0A38CB8FE8}
Property Page CLSID N/A
Executable LMMMSSnk.dll, DSKernel2.dll
Filter Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory
Header ILMMMSSnk.h


This filter is included as part of LEADTOOLS Streaming Module.


Win32, x64.

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