Multimedia Filters and Codecs Licensing - General

LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK is distributed with a variety of DirectShow filters, video codecs and audio codecs that may be used for manipulating and compressing audio or video data.

Some codecs and filters may be included in your application without additional deployment fees provided that you purchase the appropriate deployment license for LEADTOOLS Multimedia. Certain other filters and codecs require additional deployment licenses in order to be included and deployed with your end user application. In addition, LEAD has bundled certain of these filters and codecs requiring additional deployment licenses together and included them with the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK as well as the LEADTOOLS DVD Module, the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module and the LEADTOOLS MPEG2 Transport Module, which are add-ons to LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK.

Note that any deployment of your end user software to a server or multiuser machine (such as a kiosk) requires additional deployment license fees.

Evaluation versions of the filters and codecs are included with the LEADTOOLS Multimedia setup. To unlock the evaluation versions of these filters and codecs, you must complete the Deployment License Application form and submit it to LEAD, and procure any necessary deployment licenses.

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