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LEAD Video Subpicture Mixer

The LEAD Video Subpicture mixer can be used to convert DVDs with subpicture information (usually closed captioning) in certain cases. Most DVD decoders combine the video with the subpicture stream. But some decoders will simply offer the subpicture information on one of their output pins. When the LEAD Multimedia toolkit detects this situation, the LEAD Video Subpicture Mixer will automatically be added to the graph if present.

So you do not have to use this filter specifically. All you have to do is ship it with your application and it will be used if necessary.

This filter is particularly useful for converting DVDs in Vista and Windows 7.

Note: The DVD Navigator (source filter) determines whether the subpicture information is supposed to be rendered. Also, the DVD Navigator determines which subpicture stream should be used in the conversion for DVDs containing multiple subpicture streams. So if you use the DVD Navigator, you might not get subpicture information even if you ship this filter. To make sure you get subpicture information during conversion, use the DVD Source filter by calling IltmmConvert__put_UseDVDSource.htm, or Leadtools.Multimedia.ConvertCtrl.UseDVDSource.

Component Description
Filter Interface N/A
Interface ID N/A
Input/Output Media Types Types
Property Page CLSID N/A
Filter category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory
Executable LMVSubMix.dll, DSKernel2.dll
Header N/A


You need to unlock the LEAD Video Subpicture Mixer to use it in RELEASE mode.

For more information, refer to Evaluation Mechanism Overview.


Win32, x64.

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