RTSP SDK Libraries

LEADTOOLS includes DirectShow filters and Media Foundation Transforms that support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to send and receive audio and video over UDP and HTTP Internet/intranet connections. Developers can use LEADTOOLS to create new RTSP servers and connect to existing RTSP servers to create powerful .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ applications for surveillance, machine vision, video conferencing, live streaming, video on demand, and more.

Feature-rich RTSP  SDK

RTSP Libraries

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia Streaming SDK module provides APIs to create RTSP clients and servers.

  • Play, pause, and stop any RTSP source
  • Connect to any RTSP source with UDP, TCP, and HTTP protocols
  • Use the LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server to easily stream files and live capture sources to RTSP/RTP clients. The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server also supports RTMP, HLS, HTML5, MPEG-DASH, and more.
  • Create your own RTSP server with LEADTOOLS RTSP source and sink filters
  • Connect to ONVIF-conformant RTSP cameras
  • Use HTTP Tunneling to stream data from RTSP cameras on a different network
  • Create RTSP sources compatible with third-party playback applications including QuickTime and Windows Media Player
  • Encode and Decode KLV metadata in RTSP streams
  • Manage and cancel playback through callbacks and timeout options
  • Stream from any offset in a file
  • Capture and convert streams for archival, burning to DVD, or integration with DVR
RTSP libraries with optimized codecs

LEAD Optimized Codecs

RTSP supports many popular audio and video encodings, including:
Versatile and robust RTSP  Libraries

RTSP Security

RTSP servers provide a way to restrict access to content from unauthorized users. RTSP servers can optionally use authentication to identify users and then allow access only to authorized users. There are two authentication modes: Basic and Digest. In either mode, users have to enter a username and password before they can gain access to a media stream. Administrators can use different authentication methods and give different access rights to each media stream or the same access rights can be applied to all media streams.

RTSP Development Made Easy

Easy to Integrate

LEADTOOLS handles the heavy lifting, eliminating months of R&D, while giving you the best quality and performance available. You'll be free to focus on other components of your application. Download the LEADTOOLS evaluation to streamline your development.

Cross platform libraries

RTSP SDK Platforms and Programming Interfaces

Operating Systems

Projects that use LEADTOOLS RTSP libraries can be deployed to Windows devices.


Developers that are leveraging these frameworks can utilize the RTSP SDK: .NET 6+, .NET Framework, WinForms, and ASP.NET

Programming, Scripting, Markup

RTSP code snippets and demo applications are provided for the following: C#, VB, XAML, and C/C++

Start Coding with LEADTOOLS RTSP

Multimedia libraries for Windows development in C, C++, C#, and VB.NET targeting DirectShow and Media Foundation frameworks.

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