Flexible Licensing. LEAD offers several license models designed to fit the needs of our customers’ internal development projects as well as commercial software. We understand that our standard license terms may not work for every customer's situation. Therefore, we encourage prospective customers to contact us directly to discuss your unique licensing requirements. We have been licensing software for over 32 years and realize that software licensing needs to be sensible and easy to manage. Our objective is to work with every customer to ensure they can add value to their product by leveraging our technology.Schedule a session with our licensing experts.

License Components. There are two major components to LEADTOOLS SDK licensing: (i) the Development License, which covers the use of the LEAD SDK in the development of an end-user application and (ii) the Deployment License, which covers the copying, distribution, and deployment of LEADTOOLS intellectual property as part of the resulting application.

  • Development License. A development seat license is required for each developer installing and using the LEADTOOLS SDK. Discounts are available for additional development licenses. Team licenses, floating licenses, and site licenses are also available. Please inquire at sales@leadtools.com regarding these special cases. For more information regarding Development Licenses, see online licensing help.
  • Deployment License. A deployment license is required to copy and deploy LEAD's intellectual property with the end-user software you develop with LEADTOOLS. LEAD offers several standard licensing models, including licensing for stand-alone desktops, named users, mobile device users, concurrent users, servers, hosted services, and deployment to the cloud. In addition to the standard deployment licenses, LEAD offers annual and multi-year quantity-unlimited licenses, site and enterprise licenses, revenue share, and other license options. These special licenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire at sales@leadtools.com regarding these. To get a quote for your deployment licensing needs, please contact licensing@leadtools.com, call our licensing department at +1-704-332-5532, or chat. For more information regarding Deployment Licenses, see online licensing help.

OEM Licenses. LEAD's standard license provides a license to develop an application for use by an end user. If you are developing an application for use by software developers, such as an API, Class Library, or similar component, a special license is required. Similarly, if your product is being delivered with source code or in an otherwise modifiable form, a special license is required. Please inquire at sales@leadtools.com if you are involved in this type of development project. For more information regarding OEM Licenses, see online licensing help.