Charlotte, NC (April 2, 2020) -

LEAD Technologies is partnering with Paliscope, a member of the Safer Society Group, to help scientists and researchers combat COVID-19. Utilizing LEADTOOLS advanced recognition capabilities within their product YOSE, Paliscope will be providing free temporary licenses of its product to anyone researching or working on projects related to COVID-19.

“The goal when LEAD was started 30 years ago is the same as it is today: to help developers build better applications” said Moe Daher, CEO of LEAD Technologies. “We are pleased that Paliscope leverages the power of LEADTOOLS recognition technologies within YOSE and that the research community will be able to use this application in the global battle to defeat COVID-19.”

Powered by LEAD’s proprietary machine learning engine, LEADTOOLS OCR technology is integrated within Paliscope YOSE, a customizable AI-powered search engine that brings order to mass amounts of unstructured data. Information is currently coming in to COVID-19 research teams at a rapid pace, all through various types of documents, images, videos, scanned forms, and more. It is imperative that this data be quickly and accurately recognized, extracted, and organized so that it may be analyzed and collaborated on.

“At this critical moment in history, scientists are working around the clock in the fight against COVID-19, and a big part of their job is to find, structure, and analyze data,” said Christian Berg, founder and CEO of Paliscope. “By integrating LEADTOOLS and making the Paliscope platform accessible, we hope to empower researchers with the technology they need to ultimately find new answers.”

In addition to the LEADTOOLS Recognition toolkit, LEAD’s Document, Medical, Multimedia, and other AI enabling technologies have helped millions of developers solve everyday problems. With the world engulfed in this pandemic, LEAD is partnering with many organizations to help provide solutions for issues that people are currently facing, including document management and collaboration tools for remote workers, zero-footprint DICOM and medical viewers for the healthcare community, and audio/video streaming for conferencing, e-learning, and virtual classrooms.

If you are interested in how LEAD can help your organization, email for more information.

About Paliscope:
Paliscope's next-gen software unites data from various online and offline sources to help investigators discover relevant information and turn it into actionable intelligence. Serving as one place to locate, collect, organize and present case information, the software platform makes piles of data instantly more accessible and useful. And, ultimately, helps investigators close more cases in less time.

About LEAD Technologies

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