Charlotte, NC (July 17, 2023) -

LEAD Technologies Inc, a leading provider of AI-powered SDKs for application development across all major platforms and programming languages, is thrilled to announce the addition of full Python support in its latest LEADTOOLS Version 22 update.

Python, a dynamic and high-level programming language, is widely used in scientific computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and web development. With this update, Python developers can now utilize the comprehensive set of technologies in LEADTOOLS, including Recognition, Document, Multimedia, and Imaging, to build advanced applications with ease.

LEADTOOLS Python support includes advanced image processing capabilities, OCR, PDF, barcode recognition, and forms processing, all accessible via the company’s full suite of tutorials and documentation. Furthermore, LEADTOOLS for Python is included in the installation package and can be installed conveniently in any Python environment using PIP.

“Our goal is to have LEADTOOLS in the hands of all developers, enabling them to integrate powerful features and build better applications. We are excited to offer full Python support in our latest V22 update, expanding our product line to a wider range of developers,” said Rich Little, President of LEAD Technologies. “With LEAD’s extensive set of technologies and Python’s flexibility and versatility, developers can now build sophisticated applications quickly and easily.”

Developers can download the latest evaluation SDK to access the most up-to-date features in LEADTOOLS, including today's update with Python support. The SDK includes free technical support via live chat and email, extensive documentation, and tutorials.

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