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Leadtools Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools enumerations.


Enumeration Description
Enumeration AutoFixImageResolutionUnit Units to use for the page size.
Enumeration DrawEngineType Draw engine type.
Enumeration DrawShadowFontMode Shadow font mode.
Enumeration LeadEventsDispatchMode Specifies the mode used to dispatch LEADTOOLS events.
Enumeration LeadFillMode Specifies how a polygonal shape with crossing lines is filled.
Enumeration LEADResourceDirectory Specifies the LEADTOOLS resource directory.
Enumeration LeadSeekOrigin Specifies the position in a stream to use for seeking.
Enumeration LeadStreamAccess Specifies the type of stream access requested.
Enumeration LeadStreamMode Specifies how the operating system should open a stream.
Enumeration LeadStreamShare Defines constants for read, write, or read/write access to a stream.
Enumeration LeadTempFileMode Enumeration that indicates whether the temp files are on disk, in memory or a combination of disk and memory.
Enumeration NotifyLeadCollectionChangedAction Describes the action that caused a CollectionChanged event.
Enumeration RasterByteOrder Indicates the color byte order of the image data.
Enumeration RasterColorSpaceFormat16 Indicates the raster image data 16-bit color space format.
Enumeration RasterColorSpaceFormat8 Indicates the raster image data 8-bit colorspace format.
Enumeration RasterCommentMetadataDataType Indicates the data type for a metadata comment.
Enumeration RasterCommentMetadataType List of available metadata comments.
Enumeration RasterCompression Indicates the compression type for the image data.
Enumeration RasterConvertBufferFlags Options for the RasterBufferConverter.Convert method.
Enumeration RasterConvertToDibType Options for converting image to Windows Device Independent Bitmap (DIB).
Enumeration RasterCurveClose Indicates how to close the curve.
Enumeration RasterCurveType Indicates the type of curve that is being defined.
Enumeration RasterDitheringMethod Indicates the dithering method used for the image.
Enumeration RasterExceptionCode Used as a value for the RasterException.Code property.
Enumeration RasterGetSetOverlayAttributesFlags Determines which attributes are to be retrieved or changed.
Enumeration RasterGetSetOverlayImageMode Determines how to set or retrieve the overlay RasterImage.
Enumeration RasterGrayscaleMode Indicates the kind of grayscale palette, if any, that an image has.
Enumeration RasterImageAnimationDisposalMethod Used for the disposal methods used after rendering each frame in an animated image.
Enumeration RasterImageAnimatorState The RasterImageAnimator state.
Enumeration RasterImageChangedFlags Indicates the type(s) of change that has occurred in a RasterImage.
Enumeration RasterImageFormat Indicates the image file format.
Enumeration RasterImageInformationFlags Indicates which members of the RasterImageMemoryInformation structure are valid.
Enumeration RasterImagePagesChangedAction Indicates whether pages are added, removed or inserted from a RasterImage object.
Enumeration RasterImageUnderlayFlags Indicators of how the underlying image is to be positioned.
Enumeration RasterKernelType Indicates the Leadtools Kernel type.
Enumeration RasterKnownColor Specifies the known system colors.
Enumeration RasterMemoryFlags Indicates the type of memory to allocate.
Enumeration RasterMetadataFlags Indicates the type of metadata.
Enumeration RasterPaintAlignMode Determines how to align the image in the destination rectangle.
Enumeration RasterPaintSizeMode Determines how to fit the image in the destination rectangle.
Enumeration RasterPaletteWindowLevelFlags Indicates how the range is used to fill and type of the lookup table and whether it contains signed or unsigned data.
Enumeration RasterRegionCombineMode Controls the creation of an image region.
Enumeration RasterSizeFlags Flags which control the behavior of image resize methods.
Enumeration RasterSupportType Indicates the optional LEADTOOLS feature to check.
Enumeration RasterTagMetadataDataType Indicates the data type for a metadata tag.
Enumeration RasterUpdateOverlayBitsFlags Determines whether the main image or the overlay image should be updated.
Enumeration RasterViewPerspective Indicates the view perspective of the image data.
Enumeration RasterWindowLevelMode Indicates whether window level changes are used by the paint and image processing functions or only by the paint functions.
Enumeration RasterYUVFormat Used with SetYUVData and GetYUVData to specify the YUV data format.
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Leadtools Assembly

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