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ILeadStream Interface


The ILeadStream interface supports .NET await/async operations in LEADTOOLS.

public interface ILeadStream : IDisposable 
class ILeadStream: 
@interface LTLeadStream : NSObject 
public interface ILeadStream 
    extends java.io.Closeable 
public interface class ILeadStream 

LEADTOOLS support loading and saving images using asynchronous operations using .NET async and await functionality. This support is included in the .NET Standard toolkit and is added through extensions methods in the .NET Framework toolkit using the Leadtools.Async.dll assembly.

The ILeadStream interface has the following implementation in LEADTOOLS:

Class Description
LeadStream ILeadStream support for any .NET System.IO.Stream.
LeadFileStream ILeadStream support for a physical file disk.
HttpClientLeadStream ILeadStream support for a remote URL.

The main implementation is the LeadStream class that wraps a .NET System.IO.Stream object. LeadStream also contains the LeadStream.Factory class member that can be used to quickly create ILeadStream objects from various input or output sources.

Refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations for more information and examples.


For .NET Framework: A reference to the Leadtools.Async.dll assembly is required to use this functionality.

For .NET Standard: This functionality is included in the Leadtools.dll assembly.

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