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Assembly Framework \Examples Comments
- Leadtools
\Xcode\macOS\ImageProcessingDemo Framework for working with the LEADTOOLS iOS / macOS SDK.
Leadtools.Codecs.framework \Xcode\OS\ImageProcessingDemo Framework for loading/saving any supported image format and obtaining information about images (width, height, bits per pixel, page count, etc.). In addition, each supported file format has its own .framework file.
Leadtools.Controls.framework \Xcode\OS\ViewerDemo Framework for displaying images in an iOS / macOS application including support for zooming, panning scrolling, etc.
- RasterImageConverter
Framework for providing interoperation between LEADTOOLS and iOS / macOS images.
- AnnObject
Framework for providing low-level annotation functionality.
- AnnAutomation
Framework for implementing high-level automated annotations.
- AnnDesigner
Framework for allowing end-users to interactively create and edit LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
- AnnObjectRenderer
Framework for all LEADTOOLS Annotation object renderers. This class, and other classes from the Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering namespace, provide functionality for rendering LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
- Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color
Framework for performing image transforms such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, intensity, etc.
- Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core
Framework for performing image transforms such as Multiscale enhancement, Registration Mark transformation, document clean-up, deskewing (including bank check deskewing), etc.
- Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Effects
Framework for performing image transforms such as smooth, sharpen, edge detect/enhance, noise, combining images, etc.
- Leadtools.Barcode
Framework for implementing Barcode Recognition.
- Leadtools.Ocr
\Xcode\<macOS/iOS>\OcrDemo Framework for recognizing text and magnetic ink characters in images and save recognition results to several output formats.
- Leadtools.Document.Writer
Framework for creating popular multipage and searchable documents such as Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Word from OCR results.

For a list of tutorials using LEADTOOLS SDK functionality, refer to LEADTOOLS Tutorials.

For a list of features, see iOS Features.

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