Changes from Version 21 to Version 22

Version 22 of this C API has changed from version 21 as follows:

DICOM Updates

New Functionality




New Defines

Define Value Description
CID_13 13 Radiographic Contrast Agent Ingredient
CID_27 27 Basic Cardiac Views
CID_31 31 Abstract Priors
CID_32 32 Non-Acquisition Modality
CID_33 33 Modality
CID_43 43 Numeric Value Failure Qualifier
CID_44 44 Numeric Value Unknown Qualifier
CID_50 50 Instance Availability Status
CID_60 60 Imaging Agent Administration Adverse Events
CID_61 61 Time Relative to Procedure
CID_62 62 Imaging Agent Administration Phase Type
CID_63 63 Imaging Agent Administration Mode
CID_64 64 Imaging Agent Administration Patient State
CID_65 65 Pre-medication For Imaging Agent Administration
CID_66 66 Medication For Imaging Agent Administration
CID_67 67 Imaging Agent Administration Completion Status
CID_68 68 Imaging Agent Administration Pharmaceutical Unit of Presentation
CID_69 69 Imaging Agent Administration Consumables
CID_70 70 Flush
CID_71 71 Imaging Agent Administration Injector Event Type
CID_72 72 Imaging Agent Administration Step Type
CID_73 73 Bolus Shaping Curves
CID_74 74 Imaging Agent Administration Consumable Catheter Type
CID_75 75 Low-high-equal
CID_76 76 Type of Pre-medication
CID_83 83 Units for Real World Value Mapping
CID_84 84 PET Units
CID_85 85 SUV Units
CID_91 91 Functional Condition Present During Acquisition
CID_92 92 Joint Position During Acquisition
CID_93 93 Joint Positioning Method
CID_94 94 Physical Force Applied During Acquisition
CID_100 100 Quantitative Diagnostic Imaging Procedures
CID_210 210 Qualitative Evaluation Modifier Types
CID_211 211 Qualitative Evaluation Modifier Values
CID_212 212 Generic Anatomic Location Modifiers
CID_217 217 Visual Explanation
CID_218 218 Quantitative Image Features
CID_219 219 Geometry Graphical Representation
CID_220 220 Level of Significance
CID_221 221 Measurement Range Concepts
CID_222 222 Normality Codes
CID_223 223 Normal Range Values
CID_224 224 Selection Method
CID_225 225 Measurement Uncertainty Concepts
CID_226 226 Population Statistical Descriptors
CID_227 227 Sample Statistical Descriptors
CID_228 228 Equation or Table
CID_230 230 Yes-No
CID_231 231 Yes-No Only
CID_240 240 Present-Absent
CID_241 241 Present-Absent Only
CID_242 242 Normal-Abnormal
CID_244 244 Laterality
CID_245 245 Laterality with Median
CID_246 246 Relative Laterality
CID_247 247 Laterality Left-Right Only
CID_250 250 Positive-Negative
CID_251 251 Severity of Complication
CID_252 252 S-M-L Size Descriptor
CID_270 270 Observer Type
CID_271 271 Observation Subject Class
CID_280 280 Longitudinal Temporal Event Types
CID_300 300 Multi-energy Relevant Materials
CID_301 301 Multi-energy Material Units
CID_400 400 Audit Event ID
CID_401 401 Audit Event Type Code
CID_402 402 Audit Active Participant Role ID Code
CID_403 403 Security Alert Type Code
CID_404 404 Audit Participant Object ID Type Code
CID_405 405 Media Type Code
CID_501 501 Volumetric View Description
CID_502 502 Volumetric View Modifier
CID_601 601 Biosafety Levels
CID_602 602 Biosafety Control Reasons
CID_603 603 Animal Room Types
CID_604 604 Device Reuse
CID_605 605 Animal Bedding Material
CID_606 606 Animal Shelter Types
CID_607 607 Animal Feed Types
CID_608 608 Animal Feed Sources
CID_609 609 Animal Feeding Methods
CID_610 610 Water Types
CID_611 611 Anesthesia Category Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_612 612 Anesthesia Category Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_613 613 Anesthesia Induction Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_614 614 Anesthesia Induction Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_615 615 Anesthesia Maintenance Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_616 616 Anesthesia Maintenance Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_617 617 Airway Management Method Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_618 618 Airway Management Method Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_619 619 Airway Management Sub-Method Code Type for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_620 620 Airway Management Sub-Method Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_621 621 Type of Medication for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_622 622 Medication Type Code Type from Anesthesia Quality Initiative (AQI)
CID_623 623 Medication for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_624 624 Inhalational Anesthesia Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_625 625 Injectable Anesthesia Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_626 626 Premedication Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_627 627 Neuromuscular Blocking Agents for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_628 628 Ancillary Medications for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_629 629 Carrier Gases for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_630 630 Local Anesthetics for Small Animal Anesthesia
CID_631 631 Phase of Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
CID_632 632 Phase of Surgical Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
CID_633 633 Phase of Imaging Procedure Requiring Anesthesia
CID_634 634 Phase of Animal Handling
CID_635 635 Heating Method
CID_636 636 Temperature Sensor Device Component Type for Small Animal Procedures
CID_637 637 Exogenous Substance Types
CID_638 638 Exogenous Substance
CID_639 639 Tumor Graft Histologic Type
CID_640 640 Fibrils
CID_641 641 Viruses
CID_642 642 Cytokines
CID_643 643 Toxins
CID_644 644 Exogenous Substance Administration Sites
CID_645 645 Exogenous Substance Tissue of Origin
CID_646 646 Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Procedures
CID_647 647 Position Reference Indicator for Frame of Reference
CID_701 701 Content Assessment Types
CID_702 702 RT Content Assessment Types
CID_703 703 Basis of Assessment
CID_800 800 Protocol Assertion Codes
CID_1000 1000 CT Transverse Plane Reference Basis
CID_1001 1001 Anatomical Reference Basis
CID_1002 1002 Anatomical Reference Basis - Head
CID_1003 1003 Anatomical Reference Basis - Spine
CID_1004 1004 Anatomical Reference Basis - Chest
CID_1005 1005 Anatomical Reference Basis - Abdomen/Pelvis
CID_1006 1006 Anatomical Reference Basis - Extremities
CID_1010 1010 Reference Geometry - Planes
CID_1011 1011 Reference Geometry - Points
CID_1015 1015 Patient Alignment Methods
CID_1200 1200 Contraindications For CT Imaging
CID_1201 1201 Contraindications For XA Imaging
CID_3004 3004 Arterial Pulse Waveform
CID_3005 3005 Respiration Waveform
CID_3016 3016 Major Coronary Arteries
CID_3030 3030 EEG Leads
CID_3031 3031 Lead locations near or in muscles
CID_3032 3032 Lead locations near peripheral nerves
CID_3033 3033 EOG Leads
CID_3034 3034 Body Position Channels
CID_3035 3035 EEG Annotations – Neurophysiologic Enumerations (EEG)
CID_3036 3036 EMG Annotations – Neurophysiological Enumerations (EMG)
CID_3037 3037 EOG Annotations – Neurophysiological Enumerations (EOG)
CID_3038 3038 Pattern Events
CID_3039 3039 Device-related and Environment-related Events
CID_3040 3040 EEG Annotations - Neurological Monitoring Measurements
CID_3041 3041 Neurophysiologic Stimulation Modes
CID_3083 3083 Units of Radioactivity
CID_3102 3102 Rest-Stress
CID_3104 3104 Cardiac Synchronization Technique
CID_3106 3106 PET Cardiology Protocols
CID_3107 3107 PET Cardiology Radiopharmaceuticals
CID_3108 3108 NM/PET Procedures
CID_3110 3110 Nuclear Cardiology Protocols
CID_3111 3111 Nuclear Cardiology Radiopharmaceuticals
CID_3112 3112 Attenuation Correction
CID_3113 3113 Types of Perfusion Defects
CID_3114 3114 Study Quality
CID_3115 3115 Stress Imaging Quality Issues
CID_3116 3116 NM Extracardiac Findings
CID_3117 3117 Attenuation Correction Methods
CID_3118 3118 Level of Risk
CID_3119 3119 LV Function
CID_3120 3120 Perfusion Findings
CID_3121 3121 Perfusion Morphology
CID_3122 3122 Ventricular Enlargement
CID_3200 3200 Stress Test Procedure
CID_3201 3201 Indications for Stress Test
CID_3202 3202 Chest Pain
CID_3203 3203 Exerciser Device
CID_3204 3204 Stress Agents
CID_3205 3205 Indications for Pharmacological Stress Test
CID_3206 3206 Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging Procedures
CID_3207 3207 Stress Test Procedure Phases
CID_3208 3208 Summary Codes Exercise ECG
CID_3209 3209 Summary Codes Stress Imaging
CID_3210 3210 Speed of Response
CID_3211 3211 BP Response
CID_3212 3212 Treadmill Speed
CID_3213 3213 Stress Hemodynamic Findings
CID_3215 3215 Perfusion Finding Method
CID_3217 3217 Comparison Finding
CID_3220 3220 Stress Symptoms
CID_3221 3221 Stress Test Termination Reasons
CID_3227 3227 QTc Measurements
CID_3228 3228 ECG Timing Measurements
CID_3229 3229 ECG Axis Measurements
CID_3230 3230 ECG Findings
CID_3231 3231 ST Segment Findings
CID_3232 3232 ST Segment Location
CID_3233 3233 ST Segment Morphology
CID_3234 3234 Ectopic Beat Morphology
CID_3235 3235 Perfusion Comparison Findings
CID_3236 3236 Tolerance Comparison Findings
CID_3237 3237 Wall Motion Comparison Findings
CID_3238 3238 Stress Scoring Scales
CID_3239 3239 Perceived Exertion Scales
CID_3400 3400 Procedure Log Titles
CID_3401 3401 Types of Log Notes
CID_3402 3402 Patient Status and Events
CID_3403 3403 Percutaneous Entry
CID_3404 3404 Staff Actions
CID_3405 3405 Procedure Action Values
CID_3406 3406 Non-coronary Transcatheter Interventions
CID_3407 3407 Purpose of Reference to Object
CID_3408 3408 Actions With Consumables
CID_3409 3409 Administration of Drugs/Contrast
CID_3410 3410 Numeric Parameters of Drugs/Contrast
CID_3411 3411 Intracoronary Devices
CID_3412 3412 Intervention Actions and Status
CID_3413 3413 Adverse Outcomes
CID_3414 3414 Procedure Urgency
CID_3415 3415 Cardiac Rhythms
CID_3416 3416 Respiration Rhythms
CID_3418 3418 Lesion Risk
CID_3419 3419 Findings Titles
CID_3421 3421 Procedure Action
CID_3422 3422 Device Use Actions
CID_3423 3423 Numeric Device Characteristics
CID_3425 3425 Intervention Parameters
CID_3426 3426 Consumables Parameters
CID_3427 3427 Equipment Events
CID_3428 3428 Imaging Procedures
CID_3429 3429 Catheterization Devices
CID_3430 3430 DateTime Qualifiers
CID_3440 3440 Peripheral Pulse Locations
CID_3441 3441 Patient Assessments
CID_3442 3442 Peripheral Pulse Methods
CID_3446 3446 Skin Condition
CID_3448 3448 Airway Assessment
CID_3451 3451 Calibration Objects
CID_3452 3452 Calibration Methods
CID_3453 3453 Cardiac Volume Methods
CID_3455 3455 Index Methods
CID_3456 3456 Sub-segment Methods
CID_3458 3458 Contour Realignment
CID_3460 3460 Circumferential Extent
CID_3461 3461 Regional Extent
CID_3462 3462 Chamber Identification
CID_3463 3463 Ventricle Identification
CID_3465 3465 QA Reference Methods
CID_3466 3466 Plane Identification
CID_3467 3467 Ejection Fraction
CID_3468 3468 ED Volume
CID_3469 3469 ES Volume
CID_3470 3470 Vessel Lumen Cross-sectional Area Calculation Methods
CID_3471 3471 Estimated Volumes
CID_3472 3472 Cardiac Contraction Phase
CID_3480 3480 IVUS Procedure Phases
CID_3481 3481 IVUS Distance Measurements
CID_3482 3482 IVUS Area Measurements
CID_3483 3483 IVUS Longitudinal Measurements
CID_3484 3484 IVUS Indices and Ratios
CID_3485 3485 IVUS Volume Measurements
CID_3486 3486 Vascular Measurement Sites
CID_3487 3487 Intravascular Volumetric Regions
CID_3488 3488 Min/Max/Mean
CID_3489 3489 Calcium Distribution
CID_3491 3491 IVUS Lesion Morphologies
CID_3492 3492 Vascular Dissection Classifications
CID_3493 3493 IVUS Relative Stenosis Severities
CID_3494 3494 IVUS Non Morphological Findings
CID_3495 3495 IVUS Plaque Composition
CID_3496 3496 IVUS Fiducial Points
CID_3497 3497 IVUS Arterial Morphology
CID_3500 3500 Pressure Units
CID_3502 3502 Hemodynamic Resistance Units
CID_3503 3503 Indexed Hemodynamic Resistance Units
CID_3510 3510 Catheter Size Units
CID_3515 3515 Specimen Collection
CID_3520 3520 Blood Source Type
CID_3524 3524 Blood Gas Pressures
CID_3525 3525 Blood Gas Content
CID_3526 3526 Blood Gas Saturation
CID_3527 3527 Blood Base Excess
CID_3528 3528 Blood pH
CID_3529 3529 Arterial / Venous Content
CID_3530 3530 Oxygen Administration Actions
CID_3531 3531 Oxygen Administration
CID_3550 3550 Circulatory Support Actions
CID_3551 3551 Ventilation Actions
CID_3552 3552 Pacing Actions
CID_3553 3553 Circulatory Support
CID_3554 3554 Ventilation
CID_3555 3555 Pacing
CID_3560 3560 Blood Pressure Methods
CID_3600 3600 Relative Times
CID_3602 3602 Hemodynamic Patient State
CID_3604 3604 Arterial Lesion Locations
CID_3606 3606 Arterial Source Locations
CID_3607 3607 Venous Source Locations
CID_3608 3608 Atrial Source Locations
CID_3609 3609 Ventricular Source Locations
CID_3610 3610 Gradient Source Locations
CID_3611 3611 Pressure Measurements
CID_3612 3612 Blood Velocity Measurements
CID_3613 3613 Hemodynamic Time Measurements
CID_3614 3614 Valve Areas, Non-mitral
CID_3615 3615 Valve Areas
CID_3616 3616 Hemodynamic Period Measurements
CID_3617 3617 Valve Flows
CID_3618 3618 Hemodynamic Flows
CID_3619 3619 Hemodynamic Resistance Measurements
CID_3620 3620 Hemodynamic Ratios
CID_3621 3621 Fractional Flow Reserve
CID_3627 3627 Measurement Type
CID_3628 3628 Cardiac Output Methods
CID_3629 3629 Procedure Intent
CID_3630 3630 Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations
CID_3640 3640 Hypertension
CID_3641 3641 Hemodynamic Assessments
CID_3642 3642 Degree Findings
CID_3651 3651 Hemodynamic Measurement Phase
CID_3663 3663 Body Surface Area Equations
CID_3664 3664 Oxygen Consumption Equations and Tables
CID_3666 3666 P50 Equations
CID_3667 3667 Framingham Scores
CID_3668 3668 Framingham Tables
CID_3670 3670 ECG Procedure Types
CID_3671 3671 Reason for ECG Exam
CID_3676 3676 Lead Measurement Technique
CID_3677 3677 Summary Codes ECG
CID_3678 3678 QT Correction Algorithms
CID_3680 3680 ECG Lead Noise Descriptions
CID_3687 3687 Electrophysiology Waveform Durations
CID_3688 3688 Electrophysiology Waveform Voltages
CID_3689 3689 ECG Global Waveform Durations
CID_3690 3690 ECG Control Variables Numeric
CID_3691 3691 ECG Control Variables Text
CID_3700 3700 Cath Diagnosis
CID_3701 3701 Cardiac Valves and Tracts
CID_3703 3703 Wall Motion
CID_3704 3704 Myocardium Wall Morphology Findings
CID_3705 3705 Chamber Size
CID_3706 3706 Overall Contractility
CID_3707 3707 VSD Description
CID_3709 3709 Aortic Root Description
CID_3710 3710 Coronary Dominance
CID_3711 3711 Valvular Abnormalities
CID_3712 3712 Vessel Descriptors
CID_3713 3713 TIMI Flow Characteristics
CID_3714 3714 Thrombus
CID_3715 3715 Lesion Margin
CID_3716 3716 Severity
CID_3717 3717 Myocardial Wall Segments
CID_3718 3718 Myocardial Wall Segments in Projection
CID_3719 3719 Canadian Clinical Classification
CID_3721 3721 Cardiovascular Surgeries
CID_3722 3722 Diabetic Therapy
CID_3723 3723 MI Types
CID_3724 3724 Smoking History
CID_3726 3726 Indications for Coronary Intervention
CID_3727 3727 Indications for Catheterization
CID_3728 3728 Cath Findings
CID_3729 3729 Admission Status
CID_3730 3730 Insurance Payor
CID_3733 3733 Primary Cause of Death
CID_3735 3735 Acute Coronary Syndrome Time Period
CID_3736 3736 NYHA Classification
CID_3737 3737 Non-invasive Test - Ischemia
CID_3738 3738 Pre-Cath Angina Type
CID_3739 3739 Cath Procedure Type
CID_3740 3740 Thrombolytic Administration
CID_3741 3741 Medication Administration, Lab Visit
CID_3742 3742 Medication Administration, PCI
CID_3743 3743 Clopidogrel/Ticlopidine Administration
CID_3744 3744 EF Testing Method
CID_3745 3745 Calculation Method
CID_3746 3746 Percutaneous Entry Site
CID_3747 3747 Percutaneous Closure
CID_3748 3748 Angiographic EF Testing Method
CID_3749 3749 PCI Procedure Result
CID_3750 3750 Previously Dilated Lesion
CID_3752 3752 Guidewire Crossing
CID_3754 3754 Vascular Complications
CID_3755 3755 Cath Complications
CID_3756 3756 Cardiac Patient Risk Factors
CID_3757 3757 Cardiac Diagnostic Procedures
CID_3758 3758 Cardiovascular Family History
CID_3760 3760 Hypertension Therapy
CID_3761 3761 Antilipemic Agents
CID_3762 3762 Antiarrhythmic Agents
CID_3764 3764 Myocardial Infarction Therapies
CID_3769 3769 Concern Types
CID_3770 3770 Problem Status
CID_3772 3772 Health Status
CID_3773 3773 Use Status
CID_3774 3774 Social History
CID_3777 3777 Implanted Devices
CID_3778 3778 Stages
CID_3802 3802 Plaque Structures
CID_3804 3804 Stenosis Measurement Methods
CID_3805 3805 Stenosis Types
CID_3806 3806 Stenosis Shape
CID_3807 3807 Volume Measurement Methods
CID_3808 3808 Aneurysm Types
CID_3809 3809 Associated Conditions
CID_3810 3810 Vascular Morphology
CID_3813 3813 Stent Findings
CID_3814 3814 Stent Composition
CID_3815 3815 Source of Vascular Finding
CID_3817 3817 Vascular Sclerosis Types
CID_3820 3820 Non-invasive Vascular Procedures
CID_3821 3821 Papillary Muscle Included/Excluded
CID_3823 3823 Respiratory Status
CID_3826 3826 Heart Rhythm
CID_3827 3827 Vessel Segments
CID_3829 3829 Pulmonary Arteries
CID_3831 3831 Stenosis Length
CID_3832 3832 Stenosis Grade
CID_3833 3833 Cardiac Ejection Fraction
CID_3835 3835 Cardiac Volume Measurements
CID_3836 3836 Time-based Perfusion Measurements
CID_3837 3837 Fiducial Feature
CID_3838 3838 Diameter Derivation
CID_3839 3839 Coronary Veins
CID_3840 3840 Pulmonary Veins
CID_3843 3843 Myocardial Subsegment
CID_3850 3850 Contrast Bolus Substance
CID_4005 4005 Partial View Section for Mammography
CID_4025 4025 Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Supernumerary Dentition - Designation of Teeth)
CID_4026 4026 Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral and Craniofacial Radiography - Teeth
CID_4028 4028 Craniofacial Anatomic Regions
CID_4029 4029 Dermatology Anatomic Sites
CID_4032 4032 MR Spectroscopy Metabolites
CID_4033 4033 MR Proton Spectroscopy Metabolites
CID_4040 4040 Endoscopy Anatomic Regions
CID_4042 4042 XA/XRF Anatomy Imaged
CID_4050 4050 Drug or Contrast Agent Characteristics
CID_4051 4051 General Devices
CID_4052 4052 Phantom Devices
CID_4100 4100 T1 Measurement Methods
CID_4101 4101 Tracer Kinetic Models
CID_4102 4102 Perfusion Measurement Methods
CID_4103 4103 Arterial Input Function Measurement Methods
CID_4104 4104 Bolus Arrival Time Derivation Methods
CID_4105 4105 Perfusion Analysis Methods
CID_4106 4106 Quantitative Methods used for Perfusion And Tracer Kinetic Models
CID_4107 4107 Tracer Kinetic Model Parameters
CID_4108 4108 Perfusion Model Parameters
CID_4109 4109 Model-Independent Dynamic Contrast Analysis Parameters
CID_4110 4110 Tracer Kinetic Modeling Covariates
CID_4111 4111 Contrast Characteristics
CID_4210 4210 Ophthalmic Tomography Acquisition Device
CID_4211 4211 Ophthalmic OCT Anatomic Structure Imaged
CID_4214 4214 Ophthalmic Horizontal Directions
CID_4215 4215 Ophthalmic Vertical Directions
CID_4216 4216 Ophthalmic Visual Acuity Type
CID_4220 4220 Visual Fixation Quality During Acquisition
CID_4221 4221 Visual Fixation Quality Problem
CID_4222 4222 Ophthalmic Macular Grid Problem
CID_4230 4230 Ophthalmic Ultrasound Axial Measurements Type
CID_4231 4231 Lens Status
CID_4232 4232 Vitreous Status
CID_4233 4233 Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segment Names
CID_4234 4234 Refractive Surgery Types
CID_4235 4235 Keratometry Descriptors
CID_4236 4236 IOL Calculation Formula
CID_4237 4237 Lens Constant Type
CID_4238 4238 Refractive Error Types
CID_4239 4239 Anterior Chamber Depth Definition
CID_4240 4240 Ophthalmic Measurement or Calculation Data Source
CID_4241 4241 Ophthalmic Axial Length Selection Method
CID_4242 4242 Cornea Measurement Method Descriptors
CID_4243 4243 Ophthalmic Quality Metric Type
CID_4244 4244 Ophthalmic Agent Concentration Units
CID_4245 4245 Wide Field Ophthalmic Photography Transformation Method
CID_4250 4250 Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Patterns
CID_4251 4251 Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Strategies
CID_4252 4252 Visual Field Static Perimetry Screening Test Modes
CID_4253 4253 Visual Field Static Perimetry Fixation Strategy
CID_4254 4254 Visual Field Static Perimetry Test Analysis Results
CID_4255 4255 Visual Field Illumination Color
CID_4256 4256 Visual Field Procedure Modifier
CID_4257 4257 Visual Field Global Index Name
CID_4260 4260 Ophthalmic Mapping Units for Real World Value Mapping
CID_4261 4261 Ophthalmic Mapping Acquisition Method
CID_4262 4262 Retinal Thickness Definition
CID_4263 4263 Ophthalmic Thickness Map Value Type
CID_4264 4264 Ophthalmic Map Purposes of Reference
CID_4265 4265 Ophthalmic Thickness Deviation Categories
CID_4266 4266 Ophthalmic Anatomic Structure Reference Point
CID_4267 4267 Corneal Topography Mapping Units for Real World Value Mapping
CID_4268 4268 Corneal Topography Map Value Type
CID_4270 4270 OCT-A Processing Algorithm Families
CID_4271 4271 En Face Image Types
CID_4272 4272 Opt Scan Pattern Types
CID_4273 4273 Retinal Segmentation Surfaces
CID_4401 4401 Fitzpatrick Skin Type
CID_4402 4402 History of Malignant Melanoma
CID_4403 4403 History of Melanoma in Situ
CID_4404 4404 History of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
CID_4405 4405 History of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
CID_4406 4406 Patient Reported Lesion Characteristics
CID_4407 4407 Lesion Palpation Findings
CID_4408 4408 Lesion Visual Findings
CID_4409 4409 Lesion Visual Findings
CID_6048 6048 CAD Operating Point Axis Label
CID_6050 6050 Breast Procedure Reported
CID_6051 6051 Breast Procedure Reason
CID_6052 6052 Breast Imaging Report Section Title
CID_6053 6053 Breast Imaging Report Elements
CID_6054 6054 Breast Imaging Findings
CID_6055 6055 Breast Clinical Finding or Indicated Problem
CID_6056 6056 Associated Findings for Breast
CID_6057 6057 Ductography Findings for Breast
CID_6058 6058 Procedure Modifiers for Breast
CID_6059 6059 Breast Implant Types
CID_6060 6060 Breast Biopsy Techniques
CID_6061 6061 Breast Imaging Procedure Modifiers
CID_6062 6062 Interventional Procedure Complications
CID_6063 6063 Interventional Procedure Results
CID_6064 6064 Ultrasound Findings for Breast
CID_6065 6065 Instrument Approach
CID_6066 6066 Target Confirmation
CID_6067 6067 Fluid Color
CID_6068 6068 Tumor Stages From AJCC
CID_6069 6069 Nottingham Combined Histologic Grade
CID_6070 6070 Bloom-Richardson Histologic Grade
CID_6071 6071 Histologic Grading Method
CID_6072 6072 Breast Implant Findings
CID_6080 6080 Gynecological Hormones
CID_6081 6081 Breast Cancer Risk Factors
CID_6082 6082 Gynecological Procedures
CID_6083 6083 Procedures for Breast
CID_6084 6084 Mammoplasty Procedures
CID_6085 6085 Therapies for Breast
CID_6086 6086 Menopausal Phase
CID_6087 6087 General Risk Factors
CID_6088 6088 OB-GYN Maternal Risk Factors
CID_6089 6089 Substances
CID_6090 6090 Relative Usage, Exposure Amount
CID_6091 6091 Relative Frequency of Event Values
CID_6092 6092 Quantitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure
CID_6093 6093 Qualitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure Amount
CID_6094 6094 Qualitative Concepts for Usage, Exposure Frequency
CID_6095 6095 Numeric Properties of Procedures
CID_6096 6096 Pregnancy Status
CID_6097 6097 Side of Family
CID_6098 6098 Clinical Course of Disease
CID_6099 6099 Racial Group
CID_6146 6146 Time Point Types
CID_6147 6147 Response Criteria
CID_6148 6148 Mediastinum Finding or Feature
CID_6149 6149 Mediastinum Anatomy
CID_6151 6151 Background Echotexture
CID_6152 6152 Orientation
CID_6153 6153 Lesion Boundary
CID_6154 6154 Echo Pattern
CID_6155 6155 Posterior Acoustic Features
CID_6157 6157 Vascularity
CID_6158 6158 Correlation to Other Findings
CID_6159 6159 Malignancy Type
CID_6160 6160 Breast Primary Tumor Assessment From AJCC
CID_6161 6161 Clinical Regional Lymph Node Assessment for Breast
CID_6162 6162 Assessment of Metastasis for Breast
CID_6163 6163 Menstrual Cycle Phase
CID_6164 6164 Time Intervals
CID_6165 6165 Breast Linear Measurements
CID_6166 6166 CAD Geometry Secondary Graphical Representation
CID_6200 6200 Colon Overall Assessment
CID_6201 6201 Colon Finding or Feature
CID_6202 6202 Colon Finding or Feature Modifier
CID_6203 6203 Colon Non-lesion Object Type
CID_6204 6204 Anatomic Non-colon Findings
CID_6205 6205 Clockface Location for Colon
CID_6206 6206 Recumbent Patient Orientation for Colon
CID_6207 6207 Colon Quantitative Temporal Difference Type
CID_6208 6208 Colon Types of Quality Control Standard
CID_6209 6209 Colon Morphology Descriptor
CID_6210 6210 Location in Intestinal Tract
CID_6211 6211 Colon CAD Material Description
CID_6212 6212 Calculated Value for Colon Findings
CID_6300 6300 Prostate Anatomy
CID_6301 6301 Prostate Sector Anatomy from PI-RADS v2
CID_6302 6302 Prostate Sector Anatomy from European Concensus 16 Sector (Minimal) Model
CID_6303 6303 Prostate Sector Anatomy from European Concensus 27 Sector (Optimal) Model
CID_6304 6304 Prostate Sector Anatomy from PI-RADS v2.1
CID_6401 6401 Non-lesion Object Type - Physical Objects
CID_6402 6402 Non-lesion Object Type - Substances
CID_6403 6403 Non-lesion Object Type - Tissues
CID_6404 6404 Chest Non-lesion Object Type - Physical Objects
CID_6405 6405 Chest Non-lesion Object Type - Tissues
CID_7006 7006 SR Document Purposes of Reference
CID_7008 7008 Media Import
CID_7009 7009 Purpose of Reference to Predecessor Report
CID_7013 7013 Non-Image Source Instance Purposes of Reference
CID_7014 7014 Export Additional Information Document Titles
CID_7015 7015 Export Delay Reasons
CID_7016 7016 Level of Difficulty
CID_7017 7017 Category of Teaching Material - Imaging
CID_7018 7018 Miscellaneous Document Titles
CID_7019 7019 Segmentation Non-Image Source Purposes of Reference
CID_7021 7021 Measurement Report Document Titles
CID_7022 7022 Radiotherapy Purposes of Reference
CID_7023 7023 RT Process Output
CID_7024 7024 RT Process Input
CID_7025 7025 RT Process Input Used
CID_7026 7026 Radiotherapeutic Dose Measurement Devices
CID_7027 7027 Segmented Radiotherapeutic Dose Measurement Devices
CID_7030 7030 Institutional Departments, Units and Services
CID_7035 7035 Actionable Finding Classification
CID_7036 7036 Image Quality Assessment
CID_7039 7039 Pediatric Size Categories
CID_7040 7040 Broselow-Luten Pediatric Size Categories
CID_7041 7041 Calcium Scoring Patient Size Categories
CID_7042 7042 CMDCTECC Calcium Scoring Patient Size Categories
CID_7050 7050 De-identification Method
CID_7060 7060 Encapsulated Document Source Purposes of Reference
CID_7061 7061 Model Document Titles
CID_7062 7062 Purpose of Reference to Predecessor 3D Model
CID_7063 7063 Model Scale Units
CID_7064 7064 Model Usage
CID_7070 7070 Real Time Video Rendition Titles
CID_7100 7100 RCS Registration Method Type
CID_7101 7101 Brain Atlas Fiducials
CID_7110 7110 Fiducials Categories
CID_7111 7111 Fiducials
CID_7112 7112 Radiotherapy Fiducials
CID_7140 7140 Brain Structures for Volumetric Measurements
CID_7150 7150 Segmentation Property Categories
CID_7151 7151 Segmentation Property Types
CID_7152 7152 Cardiac Structure Segmentation Types
CID_7153 7153 CNS Segmentation Types
CID_7154 7154 Abdominal Segmentation Types
CID_7155 7155 Thoracic Segmentation Types
CID_7156 7156 Vascular Segmentation Types
CID_7157 7157 Device Segmentation Types
CID_7158 7158 Artifact Segmentation Types
CID_7159 7159 Lesion Segmentation Types
CID_7160 7160 Pelvic Organ Segmentation Types
CID_7161 7161 Physiology Segmentation Types
CID_7162 7162 Surface Processing Algorithm Families
CID_7165 7165 Abstract Segmentation Types
CID_7166 7166 Common Tissue Segmentation Types
CID_7167 7167 Peripheral Nervous System Segmentation Types
CID_7168 7168 Brain Lesion Segmentation Types With Necrosis
CID_7169 7169 Brain Lesion Segmentation Types Without Necrosis
CID_7170 7170 Couinaud Liver Segments
CID_7171 7171 Liver Segmentation Types
CID_7180 7180 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Component Semantics
CID_7181 7181 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Component Units
CID_7182 7182 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Dimension Semantics
CID_7183 7183 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Dimension Units
CID_7184 7184 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Axis Direction
CID_7185 7185 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Axis Orientation
CID_7186 7186 Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Qualitative Dimension Sample Semantics
CID_7191 7191 Tissue Segmentation Property Types
CID_7192 7192 Anatomical Structure Segmentation Property Types
CID_7193 7193 Physical Object Segmentation Property Types
CID_7194 7194 Morphologically Abnormal Structure Segmentation Property Types
CID_7195 7195 Function Segmentation Property Types
CID_7196 7196 Spatial and Relational Concept Segmentation Property Types
CID_7197 7197 Body Substance Segmentation Property Types
CID_7198 7198 Substance Segmentation Property Types
CID_7205 7205 Purpose of Reference to Alternate Representation
CID_7215 7215 Spectroscopy Purpose of Reference
CID_7220 7220 RT Dose Derivation
CID_7221 7221 RT Dose Purpose of Reference
CID_7222 7222 Parametric Map Derivation Image Purpose of Reference
CID_7230 7230 Automation of Measurement
CID_7250 7250 Multi-Frame Subset Type
CID_7260 7260 Diffusion Acquisition Value Types
CID_7261 7261 Diffusion Model Value Types
CID_7262 7262 Diffusion Tractography Algorithm Families
CID_7263 7263 Diffusion Tractography Measurement Types
CID_7270 7270 MR Diffusion Component Semantics
CID_7271 7271 MR Diffusion Anisotropy Indices
CID_7272 7272 MR Diffusion Model Parameters
CID_7273 7273 MR Diffusion Models
CID_7274 7274 MR Diffusion Model Fitting Methods
CID_7275 7275 MR Diffusion Model Specific Methods
CID_7276 7276 MR Diffusion Model Inputs
CID_7277 7277 Units of Diffusion Rate Area Over Time
CID_7300 7300 Implant Materials
CID_7301 7301 Intervention Types
CID_7302 7302 Implant Templates View Orientations
CID_7303 7303 Implant Templates Modified View Orientations
CID_7304 7304 Implant Target Anatomy
CID_7305 7305 Implant Planning Landmarks
CID_7306 7306 Human Hip Implant Planning Landmarks
CID_7307 7307 Implant Component Types
CID_7308 7308 Human Hip Implant Component Types
CID_7309 7309 Human Trauma Implant Component Types
CID_7310 7310 Implant Fixation Method
CID_7320 7320 Planning Methods
CID_7445 7445 Device Participating Roles
CID_7449 7449 Reader Specialty
CID_7450 7450 Person Roles
CID_7451 7451 Family Member
CID_7457 7457 Sex - Male Female or Both
CID_7464 7464 General Region of Interest Measurement Modifiers
CID_7465 7465 Measurements Derived From Multiple ROI Measurements
CID_7466 7466 PET Region of Interest Measurements
CID_7467 7467 Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Measurements
CID_7468 7468 Texture Measurements
CID_7469 7469 Generic Intensity and Size Measurements
CID_7473 7473 General Area Calculation Methods
CID_7474 7474 General Volume Calculation Methods
CID_7475 7475 Gray Level Run Length Based Features
CID_7476 7476 Gray Level Size Zone Based Features
CID_7477 7477 Global Shape Descriptors
CID_7478 7478 Intensity Histogram Features
CID_7479 7479 Grey Level Distance Zone Based Features
CID_7480 7480 Breed
CID_7481 7481 Breed Registry
CID_7482 7482 DX Anatomy Imaged for Animals
CID_7483 7483 Common Anatomic Regions for Animals
CID_7484 7484 DX View for Animals
CID_7486 7486 Mixed Breeds
CID_7490 7490 Research Animal Source Registries
CID_7500 7500 Neighbourhood Grey Tone Difference Based Features
CID_7501 7501 Neighbouring Grey Level Dependence Based Features
CID_7550 7550 Angle Measurements
CID_7551 7551 Generic Purpose of Reference to Images and Coordinates in Measurements
CID_7552 7552 Generic Purpose of Reference to Images in Measurements
CID_7553 7553 Generic Purpose of Reference to Coordinates in Measurements
CID_7600 7600 Lymph Node Anatomic Sites
CID_7601 7601 Head and Neck Cancer Anatomic Sites
CID_7701 7701 Fiber Tracts In Brainstem
CID_7702 7702 Projection and Thalamic Fibers
CID_7703 7703 Association Fibers
CID_7704 7704 Limbic System Tracts
CID_7705 7705 Commissural Fibers
CID_7706 7706 Cranial Nerves
CID_7707 7707 Spinal Cord Fibers
CID_7710 7710 Tractography Anatomic Sites
CID_8101 8101 Container Types
CID_8102 8102 Container Component Types
CID_8103 8103 Anatomic Pathology Specimen Types
CID_8104 8104 Breast Tissue Specimen Types
CID_8109 8109 Specimen Collection Procedure
CID_8110 8110 Specimen Sampling Procedure
CID_8111 8111 Specimen Preparation Procedure
CID_8112 8112 Specimen Stains
CID_8113 8113 Specimen Preparation Steps
CID_8114 8114 Specimen Fixatives
CID_8115 8115 Specimen Embedding Media
CID_8120 8120 WSI Referenced Image Purposes of Reference
CID_8121 8121 Microscopy Lens Type
CID_8122 8122 Microscopy Illuminator and Sensor Color
CID_8123 8123 Microscopy Illumination Method
CID_8124 8124 Microscopy Filter
CID_8125 8125 Microscopy Illuminator Type
CID_8130 8130 Staining Protocols
CID_8131 8131 Pathology Imaging Protocols
CID_8132 8132 Magnification Selection
CID_8133 8133 Tissue Selection
CID_8134 8134 Anatomic Structures
CID_8201 8201 Surface Scan Acquisition Types
CID_8202 8202 Surface Scan Mode Types
CID_8203 8203 Surface Scan Registration Method Types
CID_8300 8300 Visual Evaluation Methods
CID_8301 8301 Test Pattern Codes
CID_8302 8302 Measurement Pattern Codes
CID_8303 8303 Display Device Type
CID_9000 9000 Physical Quantity Descriptors
CID_9233 9233 Requested Report Types
CID_9241 9241 Radiotherapy General Workitem Definition
CID_9242 9242 Radiotherapy Acquisition Workitem Definition
CID_9243 9243 Radiotherapy Registration Workitem Definition
CID_9250 9250 Scheduled Processing Parameter Concept Codes for RT Treatment
CID_9301 9301 Modality PPS Discontinuation Reasons
CID_9302 9302 Media Import PPS Discontinuation Reasons
CID_9303 9303 Interpretation Request Discontinuation Reasons
CID_9401 9401 IEC61217 Device Position Parameters
CID_9402 9402 IEC61217 Gantry Position Parameters
CID_9403 9403 IEC61217 Patient Support Position Parameters
CID_9500 9500 Dosimetric Objective Types
CID_9501 9501 Prescription Anatomy Categories
CID_9502 9502 RT Segment Annotation Categories
CID_9503 9503 Radiotherapy Therapeutic Role Categories
CID_9504 9504 RT Geometric Information
CID_9505 9505 Fixation or Positioning Devices
CID_9506 9506 Brachytherapy Devices
CID_9507 9507 External Body Models
CID_9508 9508 Non-specific Volumes
CID_9509 9509 Purpose of Reference For RT Physician Intent Input
CID_9510 9510 Purpose of Reference For RT Treatment Planning Input
CID_9511 9511 General External Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
CID_9512 9512 Tomotherapeutic Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
CID_9513 9513 Fixation Devices
CID_9514 9514 Anatomical Structures For Radiotherapy
CID_9515 9515 RT Patient Support Devices
CID_9516 9516 Radiotherapy Bolus Device Types
CID_9517 9517 Radiotherapy Block Device Types
CID_9518 9518 Radiotherapy Accessory No-slot Holder Device Types
CID_9519 9519 Radiotherapy Accessory Slot Holder Device Types
CID_9520 9520 Segmented RT Accessory Devices
CID_9521 9521 Radiotherapy Treatment Energy Unit
CID_9522 9522 Multi-source Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
CID_9523 9523 Robotic Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
CID_9524 9524 Radiotherapy Procedure Techniques
CID_9525 9525 Radiation Therapy Particle
CID_9526 9526 Ion Therapy Particle
CID_9527 9527 Teletherapy Isotope
CID_9528 9528 Brachytherapy Isotope
CID_9529 9529 Single Dose Dosimetric Objectives
CID_9530 9530 Percentage and Dose Dosimetric Objectives
CID_9531 9531 Volume and Dose Dosimetric Objectives
CID_9532 9532 No-Parameter Dosimetric Objectives
CID_9533 9533 Delivery Time Structure
CID_9534 9534 Radiotherapy Targets
CID_9535 9535 Radiotherapy Dose Calculation Roles
CID_9536 9536 Radiotherapy Prescribing and Segmenting Person Roles
CID_9537 9537 Effective Dose Calculation Method Categories
CID_9538 9538 Radiation Transport-based Effective Dose Method Modifiers
CID_9539 9539 Fractionation-based Effective Dose Method Modifiers
CID_9541 9541 Beam Limiting Device Types
CID_9542 9542 Compensator Device Types
CID_9543 9543 Radiotherapy Treatment Machine Modes
CID_9544 9544 Radiotherapy Distance Reference Locations
CID_9545 9545 Fixed Beam Limiting Device Types
CID_9546 9546 Radiotherapy Wedge Types
CID_9547 9547 RT Beam Limiting Device Orientation Labels
CID_9548 9548 General Accessory Device Types
CID_9549 9549 Radiation Generation Mode Types
CID_9550 9550 C-Arm Photon-Electron Delivery Rate Units
CID_9551 9551 Treatment Delivery Device Types
CID_9552 9552 C-Arm Photon-Electron Dosimeter Units
CID_9553 9553 Treatment Points
CID_9554 9554 Equipment Reference Points
CID_9555 9555 Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Person Roles
CID_9556 9556 Radiotherapy Robotic Node Sets
CID_9557 9557 Tomotherapeutic Dosimeter Units
CID_9558 9558 Tomotherapeutic Dose Rate Units
CID_9559 9559 Robotic Delivery Device Dosimeter Units
CID_9560 9560 Robotic Delivery Device Dose Rate Units
CID_9561 9561 Treatment Termination Reasons
CID_9562 9562 Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery Person Roles
CID_9563 9563 Interlock Resolutions
CID_9564 9564 Treatment Session Confirmation Assertions
CID_9565 9565 Treatment Tolerance Violation Causes
CID_9566 9566 Clinical Tolerance Violation Types
CID_9567 9567 Machine Tolerance Violation Types
CID_9568 9568 Treatment Interlocks
CID_9569 9569 Isocentric Patient Support Position Parameters
CID_9570 9570 RT Overridden Treatment Parameters
CID_10000 10000 Scope of Accumulation
CID_10001 10001 UID Types
CID_10002 10002 Irradiation Event Types
CID_10003 10003 Equipment Plane Identification
CID_10004 10004 Fluoro Modes
CID_10006 10006 X-Ray Filter Materials
CID_10007 10007 X-Ray Filter Types
CID_10008 10008 Dose Related Distance Measurements
CID_10009 10009 Measured/Calculated
CID_10010 10010 Dose Measurement Devices
CID_10011 10011 Effective Dose Evaluation Method
CID_10013 10013 CT Acquisition Type
CID_10014 10014 Contrast Imaging Technique
CID_10015 10015 CT Dose Reference Authorities
CID_10016 10016 Anode Target Material
CID_10017 10017 X-Ray Grid
CID_10020 10020 Source of Projection X-Ray Dose Information
CID_10021 10021 Source of CT Dose Information
CID_10022 10022 Label Types
CID_10023 10023 Size Specific Dose Estimation Method for CT
CID_10024 10024 Water Equivalent Diameter Method
CID_10025 10025 Radiation Dose Reference Points
CID_10030 10030 Detector Types
CID_10031 10031 CR/DR Mechanical Configuration
CID_10032 10032 Projection X-Ray Acquisition Device Types
CID_10033 10033 CT Reconstruction Algorithm
CID_10034 10034 Reason for Repeating Acquisition
CID_10040 10040 Radiopharmaceutical Organ Dose Reference Authority
CID_10041 10041 Source of Radioisotope Activity Information
CID_10043 10043 Intravenous Extravasation Symptoms
CID_10044 10044 Radiosensitive Organs
CID_10045 10045 Radiopharmaceutical Patient State
CID_10046 10046 GFR Measurements
CID_10047 10047 GFR Measurement Methods
CID_10050 10050 Summary Radiation Exposure Quantities
CID_10060 10060 Organs for Radiation Dose Estimates
CID_10061 10061 Absorbed Radiation Dose Types
CID_10062 10062 Equivalent Radiation Dose Types
CID_10063 10063 Radiation Dose Estimate Distribution Representation
CID_10064 10064 Patient Model Type
CID_10065 10065 Radiation Transport Model Type
CID_10066 10066 Attenuator Category
CID_10067 10067 Radiation Attenuator Materials
CID_10068 10068 Estimate Method Types
CID_10069 10069 Radiation Dose Estimation Parameter
CID_10070 10070 Radiation Dose Types
CID_10071 10071 Radiation Dose Units
CID_10072 10072 Reported Value Types
CID_10073 10073 Value Timings
CID_10074 10074 RDSR Frame of Reference Origins
CID_12003 12003 OB-GYN Dates
CID_12004 12004 Fetal Biometry Ratios
CID_12005 12005 Fetal Biometry Measurements
CID_12006 12006 Fetal Long Bones Biometry Measurements
CID_12007 12007 Fetal Cranium
CID_12008 12008 OB-GYN Amniotic Sac
CID_12009 12009 Early Gestation Biometry Measurements
CID_12011 12011 Ultrasound Pelvis and Uterus
CID_12012 12012 OB Equations and Tables
CID_12013 12013 Gestational Age Equations and Tables
CID_12014 12014 OB Fetal Body Weight Equations and Tables
CID_12015 12015 Fetal Growth Equations and Tables
CID_12016 12016 Estimated Fetal Weight Percentile Equations and Tables
CID_12017 12017 Growth Distribution Rank
CID_12018 12018 OB-GYN Summary
CID_12019 12019 OB-GYN Fetus Summary
CID_12020 12020 Fetal Biometry Anatomic Sites
CID_12021 12021 Fetal Long Bone Anatomic Sites
CID_12022 12022 Fetal Cranium Anatomic Sites
CID_12023 12023 Pelvis and Uterus Anatomic Sites
CID_12024 12024 OB-GYN Ultrasound Report Document Titles
CID_12025 12025 OB-GYN Ultrasound Beam Path
CID_12030 12030 Ultrasound Contrast/Bolus Agents
CID_12031 12031 Protocol Interval Events
CID_12032 12032 Transducer Scan Pattern
CID_12033 12033 Ultrasound Transducer Geometry
CID_12034 12034 Ultrasound Transducer Beam Steering
CID_12035 12035 Ultrasound Transducer Application
CID_12100 12100 Vascular Ultrasound Report Document Titles
CID_12101 12101 Vascular Summary
CID_12102 12102 Temporal Periods Relating to Procedure or Therapy
CID_12103 12103 Vascular Ultrasound Anatomic Location
CID_12104 12104 Extracranial Arteries
CID_12105 12105 Intracranial Cerebral Vessels
CID_12106 12106 Intracranial Cerebral Vessels (Unilateral)
CID_12107 12107 Upper Extremity Arteries
CID_12108 12108 Upper Extremity Veins
CID_12109 12109 Lower Extremity Arteries
CID_12110 12110 Lower Extremity Veins
CID_12111 12111 Abdominopelvic Arteries (Paired)
CID_12112 12112 Abdominopelvic Arteries (Unpaired)
CID_12113 12113 Abdominopelvic Veins (Paired)
CID_12114 12114 Abdominopelvic Veins (Unpaired)
CID_12115 12115 Renal Vessels
CID_12116 12116 Vessel Segment Modifiers
CID_12117 12117 Vessel Branch Modifiers
CID_12118 12118 Measurement Orientation
CID_12119 12119 Vascular Ultrasound Property
CID_12120 12120 Blood Velocity Measurements by Ultrasound
CID_12121 12121 Vascular Indices and Ratios
CID_12122 12122 Other Vascular Properties
CID_12123 12123 Carotid Ratios
CID_12124 12124 Renal Ratios
CID_12125 12125 Abdominopelvic Vessels
CID_12130 12130 Parts of Organs (Non-Lateralized)
CID_12131 12131 Parts of Organs (Lateralized)
CID_12200 12200 Echocardiography Left Ventricle
CID_12201 12201 Left Ventricle Linear
CID_12202 12202 Left Ventricle Volume
CID_12203 12203 Left Ventricle Other
CID_12204 12204 Echocardiography Right Ventricle
CID_12205 12205 Echocardiography Left Atrium
CID_12206 12206 Echocardiography Right Atrium
CID_12207 12207 Echocardiography Mitral Valve
CID_12208 12208 Echocardiography Tricuspid Valve
CID_12209 12209 Echocardiography Pulmonic Valve
CID_12210 12210 Echocardiography Pulmonary Artery
CID_12211 12211 Echocardiography Aortic Valve
CID_12212 12212 Echocardiography Aorta
CID_12214 12214 Echocardiography Pulmonary Veins
CID_12215 12215 Echocardiography Vena Cavae
CID_12216 12216 Echocardiography Hepatic Veins
CID_12217 12217 Echocardiography Cardiac Shunt
CID_12218 12218 Echocardiography Congenital
CID_12219 12219 Pulmonary Vein Modifiers
CID_12220 12220 Echocardiography Common Measurements
CID_12221 12221 Flow Direction
CID_12222 12222 Orifice Flow Properties
CID_12223 12223 Echocardiography Stroke Volume Origin
CID_12224 12224 Ultrasound Image Modes
CID_12226 12226 Echocardiography Image View
CID_12227 12227 Echocardiography Measurement Method
CID_12228 12228 Echocardiography Volume Methods
CID_12229 12229 Echocardiography Area Methods
CID_12230 12230 Gradient Methods
CID_12231 12231 Volume Flow Methods
CID_12232 12232 Myocardium Mass Methods
CID_12233 12233 Cardiac Phase
CID_12234 12234 Respiration State
CID_12235 12235 Mitral Valve Anatomic Sites
CID_12236 12236 Echo Anatomic Sites
CID_12237 12237 Echocardiography Anatomic Site Modifiers
CID_12238 12238 Wall Motion Scoring Schemes
CID_12239 12239 Cardiac Output Properties
CID_12240 12240 Left Ventricle Area
CID_12241 12241 Tricuspid Valve Finding Sites
CID_12242 12242 Aortic Valve Finding Sites
CID_12243 12243 Left Ventricle Finding Sites
CID_12244 12244 Congenital Finding Sites
CID_12245 12245 Cardiac Ultrasound Report Titles
CID_12246 12246 Cardiac Ultrasound Indication for Study
CID_12247 12247 Pediatric, Fetal and Congenital Cardiac Surgical Interventions
CID_12248 12248 Cardiac Ultrasound Summary Codes
CID_12249 12249 Cardiac Ultrasound Fetal Summary Codes
CID_12250 12250 Cardiac Ultrasound Common Linear Measurements
CID_12251 12251 Cardiac Ultrasound Linear Valve Measurements
CID_12252 12252 Cardiac Ultrasound Cardiac Function
CID_12253 12253 Cardiac Ultrasound Area Measurements
CID_12254 12254 Cardiac Ultrasound Hemodynamic Measurements
CID_12255 12255 Cardiac Ultrasound Myocardium Measurements
CID_12257 12257 Cardiac Ultrasound Left Ventricle
CID_12258 12258 Cardiac Ultrasound Right Ventricle
CID_12259 12259 Cardiac Ultrasound Ventricles Measurements
CID_12260 12260 Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Artery
CID_12261 12261 Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Vein
CID_12262 12262 Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Valve
CID_12263 12263 Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Pulmonary Measurements
CID_12264 12264 Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Systemic Measurements
CID_12265 12265 Cardiac Ultrasound Atria and Atrial Septum Measurements
CID_12266 12266 Cardiac Ultrasound Mitral Valve
CID_12267 12267 Cardiac Ultrasound Tricuspid Valve
CID_12268 12268 Cardiac Ultrasound Atrioventricular Valves Measurements
CID_12269 12269 Cardiac Ultrasound Interventricular Septum Measurements
CID_12270 12270 Cardiac Ultrasound Aortic Valve
CID_12271 12271 Cardiac Ultrasound Outflow Tracts Measurements
CID_12272 12272 Cardiac Ultrasound Semilunar Valves, Annulate and Sinuses Measurements
CID_12273 12273 Cardiac Ultrasound Aortic Sinotubular Junction
CID_12274 12274 Cardiac Ultrasound Aorta Measurements
CID_12275 12275 Cardiac Ultrasound Coronary Arteries Measurements
CID_12276 12276 Cardiac Ultrasound Aorto Pulmonary Connections Measurements
CID_12277 12277 Cardiac Ultrasound Pericardium and Pleura Measurements
CID_12279 12279 Cardiac Ultrasound Fetal General Measurements
CID_12280 12280 Cardiac Ultrasound Target Sites
CID_12281 12281 Cardiac Ultrasound Target Site Modifiers
CID_12282 12282 Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Systemic Finding Sites
CID_12283 12283 Cardiac Ultrasound Venous Return Pulmonary Finding Sites
CID_12284 12284 Cardiac Ultrasound Atria and Atrial Septum Finding Sites
CID_12285 12285 Cardiac Ultrasound Atrioventricular Valves Finding Sites
CID_12286 12286 Cardiac Ultrasound Interventricular Septum Finding Sites
CID_12287 12287 Cardiac Ultrasound Ventricles Finding Sites
CID_12288 12288 Cardiac Ultrasound Outflow Tracts Finding Sites
CID_12289 12289 Cardiac Ultrasound Semilunar Valves, Annulus and Sinuses Finding Sites
CID_12290 12290 Cardiac Ultrasound Pulmonary Arteries Finding Sites
CID_12291 12291 Cardiac Ultrasound Aorta Finding Sites
CID_12292 12292 Cardiac Ultrasound Coronary Arteries Finding Sites
CID_12293 12293 Cardiac Ultrasound Aortopulmonary Connections Finding Sites
CID_12294 12294 Cardiac Ultrasound Pericardium and Pleura Finding Sites
CID_12300 12300 Core Echo Measurements
CID_12301 12301 Measurement Selection Reasons
CID_12302 12302 Echo Finding Observation Types
CID_12303 12303 Echo Measurement Types
CID_12304 12304 Echo Measured Properties
CID_12305 12305 Basic Echo Anatomic Sites
CID_12306 12306 Echo Flow Directions
CID_12307 12307 Cardiac Phases and Time Points
VR_OV 0x4F56U Other 64-bit Very Long.
VR_SV 0x5356U Signed 64-bit Very Long (8 bytes fixed). Represents an integer n in the range:- 2^63 <= n <= 2^63 - 1.
VR_UV 0x5556U Unsigned binary integer 64 bits long (8 bytes fixed). Represents an integer n in the range: 0 <= n < 2^64.

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