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Version Changes: 22 to 23

New Members (version 23)

The following members have been added:


Removed Members (version 23)

The following members have been removed:


Version Changes: 21 to 22

New Members (version 22)

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.CharacteristicsSize Specifies filter type on text input based on their font size or bounds height.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.ConditionalAction Specifies whether to pass the output of this element to the next element when the input satisfies one of the regular expressions in the Regex list.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Confidence Specifies filter type to apply based on confidence type, such as OcrConfidence or RegexMatchingConfidence.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.FilteringMethodOptions Determines the method to use for filtering inputs.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.Parameters Parameters that can be passed to a corresponding function.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.Run(LEADDocument,TextResult) Runs the process for the given document using ElementSetResult.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.ECLocation The location of the value or feature relative to another element, such as a label.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.FeatureBase.Functions Lists the functions associated with this FeatureBase element. Use Functions to list validation functions.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.InfoLabel.MaxGapBetweenLines Indicates maximum distance between lines in a multi-line matching element.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.InfoLabel.MaxGapBetweenLinesLB Indicates maximum distance between lines in a multi-line matching element. This controls the gap between lines in a table.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.InfoLabel.MaxGapBetweenWords Indicates maximum horizontal distance between words.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.RegexExpressionDb.ListFunctions Creates a list of functions with their parameters associated with the built-in feature.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.StandardFeature.AddDefaults Adds default excluded values and default validation functions.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.UniqueIdProvider.GetUInt64HashCode Generates a random and unique 64-bits number.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.UniqueIdProvider.NewUnique16BytesId Generates a random and unique 16-bytes long string.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.LogicalOperationType.Unify Combine items but only keep one of multiple identical results.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.MultipleLinesOptions Specifies the multiple lines options to match text in a document.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.PageLocation Specifies the text filter based on its distance from the page bounds.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.PageLocationElement Unstructured element that filters out the inputs based on their page location.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.ProxyFunction Default constructor for a proxy function class.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspectorElement.MatchingValueHasSameCharactersHeights Indicates whether the matching text value has the same character heights.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspectorElement.MultipleLinesOption Specifies multiple lines options needed to match document text.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspectorElement.PostfixFiltering A list of strings to remove, if they exist, from the end of the matching text.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspectorElement.PrefixFiltering A list of strings to remove, if they exist, from the beginning of the matching text statement.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspectorElement.SupportBlockTextInRegexElement Enable or disable block text matching for inputs from other elements.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.IgnoreLargeSpacesBetweenChars Indicates whether to enable a large space between the characters of the matching values.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.MinimumCharacterLength Indicates the minimum number of characters in the matching text.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.MinimumDigitsCount Indicates the minimum number of digit characters in the matching text.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.MinimumLettersCount Indicates the minimum number of letter characters in the matching text.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.PostfixFiltering A list of strings that will be removed from the ends of the detected strings.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexParameters.PrefixFiltering A list of strings that will be removed from the beginning of the detected strings.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SearchWindowSize.OutputUnit Specifies the ComponentType of the output results.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SearchWindowSize.SkipedLines Indicates the number of the components to be removed from the SearchWindowSize.WindowSize outputs.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SettingsManager.Language Sets the language of the LeadDocument image.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredConditionalElement Unstructured element used to connect or disconnect the next elements in the graph based on input texts.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredFilterElement Unstructured element filters that are composed of input texts based on properties, such as text height, confidence, number of characters, and location on document page.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.ValuesProperties Specifies the filtering method based on the text's value properties.

Removed Members (version 22)

The following members have been removed:

Name Description
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.ApproximateRegexMode Indicates the type of Regex approximation to use.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.CharacterInformation Contains a set of character-related information (such as, position and value).
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.Id Unique ID for this function.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.InputVariableIds List of variable IDs that this function expects to receive from other elements.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.Run(LEADDocument,object) Runs the process for the given document using ElementSetResult.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Function.Settings Gets the settings for this function.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.ECLocatoin Ego-centric location of a label's value.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.FeaturesProcessingEngine.Init(string) Intializes the OCR from an OCR runtime folder.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.Highlevel.StandardFeature.AddDefaultExcludes Looks up the built-in pattern and adds the recommended excludes to the list of exclusions.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RegexInspector Processing member to perform Regex matching operations.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RelativeLocationsOperation Indicates how to process the list of locations, whether exclusive or combined.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.RelativeLocationType Egocentric location of the information relative to the label.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SettingsManager.ImagesRecognitionMode Name of the image recognition mode in the SettingsManager.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SettingsManager.Languages Name of the languages value in the SettingsManager.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SettingsManager.OutputResultType Specifies the type of characters in the result. These types can be either digits, lettersUpperCase, lettersMix, symbols, equation or all.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.SizeUnit Indicates the size measurement unit to use.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredElementSet.Element Defines the element that holds the collection of elements that work together to analyze a document.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredElementSet.Feature Defines the feature name for this class. Default is "unstructured".
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredElementSet.Name Defines the name of this set.
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredElementSet.Version Defines the version. The first release version is "1.0".
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured.UnstructuredOcrEngines Static class for creating suitable unstructured document OCR engines.

Version Changes: 20 to 21

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS For .NET and Java:

Namespace Description
Leadtools.Document.Unstructured Includes classes, interfaces and delegates that provide the functionalities required for processing document components and features that can be used to recognize and classify scanned documents.

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