Main PACS Server Demo Worklist AddIn

This add-in implements Service Class Provider (SCP) role of Modality Worklist Service (MWL) and corresponding Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) service.

Worklist Configuration Icon
**Worklist Configuration Icon** - Click on Worklist Configuration Icon under add-in Options pane from Server Manager while L21_SERVER32 is selected to bring up following Database Editor Window:
PACS Database Editor

Database Editor Menus

Exit Menu - Closes the Database Editor Window

Worklist Add-ins Options - Will display the following dialog:

Worklist Configuration Dialog

Worklist Configuration Dialog

Modality Performed Procedure Step N-Set Add-in Pane

Data Manipulation View Pane:

User can use this pane to manipulate (i.e. view, edit, add and delete) data stored in the worklist database. Refer to Query Pane for more information on how to retrieve data from worklist database used by the add-ins.

Following are the fields in the Data Manipulation View:

Data-View Datagrid

This view is used to display hierarchal data from the Worklist database; it also used for performing following operations:

The user can directly update existent data contained in the Data-View Datagrid which could be retrieved using the search option in Query Pane or can use the last empty record in the Data-View Datagrid to insert new records. While updating or inserting data, the user input will be validated to ensure its validity according to the following:

Database conditions and constraints like primary and foreign keys.DICOM Rules like VR values and allowable values. User can also delete existent data by selecting a record(s) from the datagrid and using Delete Button. Up-Down navigation: is used to navigate from parent tables to child tables.

Click on the plus sign displayed in the left of each record (

Data Grid Plus Sign
) to show a list that contains all the related child tables (), clicking on any table from the list will directly display all the child records related to the parent record. The parent's record will be displayed in the datagrid header
Data Grid Record List

Down-Up navigation: Commit Button: Undo changes button: Query Pane: Query For Drop-down List:Query Type Drop-down list:All records: Filtered records: Records related to Data-View selected entries:

Query Tabs

This contains number of tabs each containing related query fields grouped by related attributes of a Scheduled Procedure Step Worklist and Performed Procedure Step. This grouping is also reflected in the Worklist database table. Tabs are enabled when “Filtered records” option from the Query Type Drop-down list is selected.

Worklist Database Editor has following query tabs:


The path of the source code for this binary is <INSTALLDIR>\Examples\Medical\DotNet\Medical.HL7MWL.AddIn

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