Programming with SSD and 3D Mesh

SSD rendering is one of the available rendering methods in the LEADTOOLS 3D SDK. It converts the 3D object into a single shaded surface specified by the Medical3DObject.SSD.Threshold property.

Viewing a 3D Mesh using the SSD rendering method

In order to view a 3D Mesh using the SSD rendering method, you must do the following:

  1. Create a 3D object and add it to the container's 3D object collection using the Medical3DContainer.Objects.Add Method. For more information on how to create a 3D object, refer to Creating 3D object.
  2. Set the volume type to SSD. This is done by setting the Medical3DContainer.VolumeType property to Medical3DVolumeType.SSD.

Loading and Saving a 3D Mesh

You can load or save a 3D mesh using the Medical3DObject.SaveMesh and Medical3DObject.LoadMesh methods. In order to save the a 3D mesh, the objects VolumeType property must be SSD.

The mesh is saved using the universal mesh format (.X), which is used by other 3D programs.

Sometimes, a 3D mesh which uses the SSD rendering method is too large to be saved in a single file. The toolkit handles these cases by separating the mesh into a smaller parts. For example, if you save a mesh using the name "MyMesh.x", the resulting mesh files will be "MyMesh.x", "MyMesh001.x", "MyMesh002.x", "MyMesh003.x", etc. To load the mesh, use the filename of the first file ("MyMesh.x" in the above example), and the toolkit will automatically load the rest based on their names and numbers.

Please note that if you want to load a mesh, you will need to add an empty Medical3DObject to your Medical3DContainer instance, then call LoadMesh.

Once a mesh is loaded, you will not be able to convert it to any other volume type.

Mesh Properties

Some characteristics of the 3D mesh can be changed using the Medical3DObject.SSD property. These characteristics include:

1) The mesh color using the Medical3DObject.SSD.Color property.

2) The mesh ISO threshold using the Medical3DObject.SSD.Threshold property.

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