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PDF File Comments

The following comments are supported for PDF files:

Value Meaning
RasterCommentMetadataType.Artist Person who created the image. Corresponds to the 'Author' key in Document Information dictionary.
RasterCommentMetadataType.Software Name and version of software package used to create the PDF file.
RasterCommentMetadataType.Title Title of the image.
RasterCommentMetadataType.Subject Subject of the document. This will sometimes have entries that are also in Keywords.
RasterCommentMetadataType.Keywords Keywords, separated by comma (',') or semicolon (';'). Note that the space characters (if present), are part of the keyword.
RasterCommentMetadataType.Creator The name of the application that created the original file used as a source for the PDF file.
RasterCommentMetadataType.CreationDate Date and time the file was originally created (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS[+/-hh:mm]).
RasterCommentMetadataType.ModificationDate Date and time of the last file modification (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS[+/-hh:mm]).

The PDF comments come from the Document Information Dictionary stored in the Info PDF object. The object is optional and there is only one such object per file. Therefore, all the pages in the PDF file will have the same comments.

RasterCommentMetadataType.CreationDate and RasterCommentMetadataType.ModificationDate have an optional +/-hh:mm suffix indicating the local time zone. The suffix will either be +hh:mm or -hh:mm, depending on whether the local time is ahead or behind UTC. For example:

RasterCommentMetadataType.Creator and RasterCommentMetadataType.Software seem a bit confusing because they both seem to represent the name of the software that created the PDF file. But they are slightly different:

For example, if the PDF Converter application generated the PDF file from a DOCX file created in Microsoft Word, then:

This information can also be obtained using RasterCodecs.ReadMetadataItems or RasterCodecs.ExtractXMPMetadata.

For more information about file comments, refer to RasterCodecs.ReadComment.

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