Programming with PACS Client Framework

The PACS Client Framework is a framework for easily creating DICOM client applications. The framework consists of high level, ready to use components that provide various DICOM Service Class User (SCU) implementations, including:

When using the PACS Client Framework, the first step must be a call to DicomEngine.Startup in order to initialize the data required by the library. This is usually done at the beginning of the application. When the library is no longer needed, DicomEngine.Shutdown must be called to release the data. This is usually done when the application needs to shut down. The following topics provide a systematic approach to understanding how to program with the PACS Client Framework Library.

DICOM Storage Service Class SCU

DICOM standard defines Storage Service class SCU service to allow an invoking service-user to request the storage of Composite SOP Instance information by a peer service-provide. This allows DICOM AE to:

The functionality provided by the StoreScu class simplifies the process of adding Storage Service Class User ( Storage SCU ) support to an application. The StoreScu class provides members to handle C-STORE service to store any SOP Classes listed in table B.5-1 of DICOM standard 3.4 to peer DICOM Storage Service Class Provider (Storage SCP). Classes defined by the Storage Service Class. StoreScu class provides the following method for doing a C-STORE-REQ message : StoreScu.Store Additionally the following events are available:

DICOM Query/Retrieve Service Class SCU

The DICOM standard defines Query/Retrieve Service Classes that facilitate the querying and retrieving of DICOM datasets. The QueryRetrieveScu class simplifies the process of building a standard Study Root Query/Retrieve Model Service Class User (Study Root Query/Retrieve SCU) support to an application. Its members handle all query attributes used in the Study Root Query/Retrieve Service Class as a service class user. It also provides interfaces (BeforeAssociateRequest and BeforeCFind Events) to easily add support for other Query/Retrieve Services such as Modality Worklist, Patient Root Query/Retrieve, General Purposes Worklist, etc. The QueryRetrieveScu class provides the following methods for doing a DICOM query or retrieve operation.


DICOM Retrieve

Additionally the following events are available:


StoreScu Class
QueryRetrieveScu Class

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